Ssfiit help!

I’m pretty advanced with SSFIV and 3s considering I play them regularly, but purchased SF: Aniversary Edition and tried playing SFII but the speed different and hit boxes and overall mechanic throws me off. I tried Turbo 4 in options and everything in between and I’m definitely not as good as with SSFIV which is more comparable.

Is there something I can do to get used to the hang of things? I’ve been doing Arcade mode on Medium for days now, about 4-5 hours a day. It doesn’t come as easy as SSFIV or 3s, it’s actually quite the challenge. Any help is appreciated.

play vs others on GGPO or HDR. or offline competition if it’s available.

Thanks for the tip! I was going to start training with HDR but figured it may have been tweaked a bit to take the mechanics out of it’s original gameplay. The hardest part with Aniversary Edition is distinguishing the differences between Normal, Super, Turbo, etc. etc.

hdr has a bunch of move property changes but the mechanics of the game are identical to ST. don’t care what people say, HDR will teach you the fundamentals for sure. You would just need to finetune them when switching to ST.