Ssfiv ae 2012 the ultimate battle

Hello everybody !

I’m back with the latest video of combos on this game
It’s a little epilogue.

In summary:
Resolution : HD 720P
Software : After effect, Premiere
Duration : 07 min 34s
Combos : 22
Music : Saw Main Theme/DJ Pablo
Characters : Makoto, Oni, Cammy, Ryu, Juri, Ken, Gen, Sagat, Rose, Balrog, Chun li, Dee Jay, Cody, Sakura, Guile, Guy, Adon, Zangief, Viper, Dan, Ibuki, El Fuerte
Game Mode : Versus

SSFIV AE 2012 The Ultimate Battle

I just hope you enjoy it.

This is awesome stuff, man! Did you do all the combos, the video editing, and all the “extras” like the CG art and animation and such for the transitions? What about that Saw-style clockwork thing at the beginning? That was hell of cool.

As you can probably tell, I enjoyed this a hell of a lot. As someone who spent a couple of really fun months learning After Effects and Premiere, I hated having to shelve it due to [S]experiencing a catastrophic 5-month-long physical and mental death spiral[/S] being a full-time grad student, student teaching at a high school, and working ~50 hours a week. Seeing stuff like this, though, makes me eager to pick it back up once the [S] nightmare[/S] semester ends .

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Oh wow that was awesome! Not only the combos but the presentation too! I like =D

Ken can U2 after st. mp? :eek: