SSFIV AE Character Balance Survey

I’m interested in hearing people’s opinions about the current character balance in SSFIV AE and which characters should be buffed/nerfed in the upcoming balancing patch. I created a short online survey to capture people’s opinions about each character and display the results for everyone to see. Please click the link below to fill out the survey.

SSFIV AE - Character Balance Survey - 8/10/2011 through 8/19/2011 - CLOSED

Click here if you want to see a summary of the previous responses.
Click here for a link to the raw data, for anyone who wants to play around with it.

This is my first time creating a survey using Google Docs but hopefully everyone will find it useful and interesting.

PS. I just found out that the survey allows duplicate submissions and there currently isn’t any way to prevent this, so please, stay honest and submit only once! Thanks.

I only know Sakura, so I just voted how I feel about her. (shes fine)

Will there eventually be a link to look at the results?

Let me see if I can set this up.

This is awesome.

I voted Major Nerf for every character.

Done. See the link in the original post.


This is my first survey. I wonder how much good data we’ll actually get, or if it’ll just become garbage by the time its all done.

I lol’d at the person that said that Ken needed a major nerf. smh.

People want Bison nerfed? WHY

If I was to create another survey using a professional survey tool with data validation and other features to prevent spam and keep the results legit, I’m curious, are there any other questions I should consider adding to the survey?

I won’t be creating another one anytime soon, but the feedback is always welcome.


Do not let participants vote to buff their mains/secondaries or nerf their the most bad match ups. I know it requires lot of work – but it will be the more fair survey that way :wink:

Pretty cool document.

Voted with my name.

What if you want buffs and nerfs on the same character?

Rose definitely needs a major nerf, SRK.


That’s why I included those as questions. That way I can filter the data afterwards for objectivity if I want to.

The questions pertains to the balance of the character “overall”. If you have specific buffs and nerfs you think should be done, that’s probably outside the scope of the survey. Perhaps you could elaborate here.

I think that’s a result of woodenTEETH’s trolling. :rofl:

Some people just dont understand street fighter at all.

More like some people just hate Bison, no matter how watered down he gets.

Voted, though a good portion of what I voted for was ‘no change’ and a few ‘Minor Buffs’.

What else do you fellas expect? BRB can’t throw out normal moves to stuff 10f special after Bison pushes himself out from scissor kicks. Calling nerfs now!!!
Let’s just hold hands and cry at the community’s lack of vision.

people in favor of a major nerf for yun :looney:

Are you surprised?