SSFIV AE crashes because of X360ce



I wanted to try out the Hori Tekken 6 wireless stick for the PS3 on Windows 7 64bit on Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (SSFIV AE). Since the stick got installed, but Windows did not recognize any input, I thought I’d put the USB part into the express card, because that helped with the other stick I have, but it didn’t.

I then searched the internet and came across this post on a different forum How to use Hori Fighting Stick 3 on PC (properly), and this Youtube video How to set up a Dualshock 3/sixaxis (PS3) controller with Motioninjoy & PCSX2!

Since neither was effective, because motioninjoy did not recognize any driver, I came across this thread in this forum [HORI FIGHTING STICK 3 PS3 ON PC NEED HELP](Hori fighting stick 3 ps3 on PC need help which lead to me update the driver as was described at the top poriton of the thread. I don’t know if things improved though, I did not change the driver back though.

Ultimately, I ran the X360ce.exe in the same folder as SSFIV AE, as was described in the how to, and it created an X360ce.ini and a xinput1_3.dll file in that folder. The program recognized the Hori controller and even found settings for from the internet. Whenever I try to start SSFIV AE to try and see if the stick works, the game crashes. It only runs if the X360ce files are not in the same folder, but it is said for them to be there to make things work.

Has anyone else had this problem and knows any solution?

P.S. to answer questions on why I bought another stick, I thought that maybe if I have a guest over it would be nice if both of us could play with arcade style controllers.


Get an actual Xinput controller. IIRC, that stick was never designed to work with Windowd in the first place.

On a related note, why do people keep using the motioninjoy drivers for anything other than the Sixacis/DS3? Using the wrong drivers to get a part to work is just asking for s BSOD to happen.


Ah, it may crash if you have multiple sticks plugged in. For example, X360ce will configure you stick as whatever player it tabs as. So if it’s on the first tab, your stick must be the first player controller or else it crashes the program. If you have another controller plugged in and it’s considered first player while your stick is considered controller 2, and then you boot SF4AE, it will crash because it X360ce won’t allow 2 1 player devices. You get what I’m saying?

Try disconnecting all your other controller devices (such as real wireless 360 dongles) and then try the program.


Because you see reviews on the internet saying that this stick works with computers, then you see vieos of people who just plugged it in without a problem, and you think that if everyone says so, it probably does work. And for USD27.40 it was an okay price for one in original packaging with an artbook.

Because all of those tutorials out there tell you to use motioninjoy, and there are no tutorials for sticks, search engines only spit out ones for normal controllers. I tried, I tried a lot of combinations and variations before going here. I am sitting down for three minutes to find a solution and if I fail I post it here.

I will try that. Thank you.