SSFIV:AE for PC or Xbox 360?


PR.Balrog plays a lot on the PC so I guess it’s not really detrimental.


Not quite sure, i think you could still practice on PC to get your combos, and still do well at 360 tournaments. It’s all just matter of being slightly more aware of executing your combos at the right time to make sure you always get it regardless of what system you’re on.
Don’t over think that one frame faster con man, you’ll be fine.


As someone who’s owned the game on all three systems I would go PC > XBOX > PS3

The little things PC lets you do just make it a more complete experience, things like the steam chat (miles better the GFWL), the fact you can quickly look at some frame data in another window or surf the net whilst waiting and also recording if that’s your thing just make PC an all round better experience. You can also do cool things like putting back in the original Vanilla sounds etc and it’s easy to do a monkey could do it.

Also I’m not sure about America but in my country the dick heads on PC are very rare compared to the hundreds you meet on XBL, I’m not sure why that is , perhaps PC players are just better gamers in general.

Also other little snippets - The game and costumes are cheaper, your controllers or stick all work fine without mods.


I would say get it on PC. Like others have said, PC performs better. It’s also cheaper if you’re willing to wait on a Steam sale ($8 versus $20 for a console copy, another couple bucks if you want all the costumes) plus not having to pay for an online subscription.

Community-wise, there’s less players on PC but you have a better chance of facing players at a lower skill level (which may be of interest to you if you’re just starting out). I also suspect that PC may stay more consistently active in a few years once people stop using their 360’s regularly.

As far as differences in input lag go, from what I understand from other players that switch between different platforms for local play, it’s not really a game-breaker.


actually, you can Alt+Enter for windowed mode. (Though you have to turn down the resolution to make the window smaller, it won’t resize.)

I like to browse the internet or whatever while keeping windowed AE in the background (i.e. while waiting for matches). Then it’s like, just click on it and Alt+Enter again and we’re in there.

PC’s got free costumes, free stages, free online, free trainers like Combo Trainer and Setup Trainer, it really is PC Master Race.

I do hate when Windows decides to start acting up or running processes or whatever and the game starts dropping frames, but I think that’s more to do with my PC being old and slow.


Luckily for us, when USF4 release we’re switchin to Steam baby!!


thanks for the advice everyone! I hope a steam sale comes soon!


Is there a topic for exchanging Steam IDs etc - how does PC get free costurmes and stages? I ahve it on steam and I want those things! :3

  1. check the online outlets section

  2. you better not be asking how to pirate DLC


I assume he’s asking about the mod versions since there’s no stages to be gained from pirate material.

There’s a PC thread on the main forum page with hundreds of mods.


Hit CTRL+Enter


I was refering to:


Look through the skin thread:

or check out group StreetModders on DeviantArt

then look here

Lots of stuff, depending on your taste. I won’t judge you…


for the low price there is no reason to choose. get both. I play mostly on Xbox and PS3 but when the kids have their friends over they tend to take up all the consoles so I have my trusty lap top that can run it


Well I got a used copy for Xbox 360 today, but I still want it for pc as I may sell my 360 sometime.


dont sell that 360, have friends over for casuals


if you turn on vysnc+multiple pre rendered frames to 1 on in the settings of your graphic card(not the sf4 program itself) you should be fine. the game speed feels the same as an xbox. (IMO) if you have friends over for casuals im pretty sure you could still use a pc for casuals at your house.


Thanks man.


I currently don’t know any friends that play these games lol. Maybe I could meet up with people that play regularly and/or stick with online play


Thats one of the problems I have is that of the many gaming friends I have, non of them will play street fighter with me =(