READ THE THREAD-Today I woke up this morning to play Street Fighter and try to earn pp/bp in order to get my boxer to a B rank and get tenpeat trophy. what i encountered today was some of the most awful matches i have ever been in while playing this game. I have a 2-11 streak due to the fact that there are players who are afraid of losing points and want to be little cowards and jump into the back of the screen. I use Balrog and he to me is arguably the most balanced charge character in the game, yesterday I garnered 1417 pp, and now i am at 779 pp. The reason for this is that for some reason, 60% of the people i face online are afraid of Balrog, and randomly jump around and aimlessly throw projectiles. Also, they wait for me to come towards them when they jump all the way to the back of the screen and run away to do the same thing. I try to close in the space and read my opponents, but when facing a random scrub, it is extremely hard to predict the pattern, and I lose points no matter what I do.
The match making system is also garbage, which also bothers me as to why Capcom didn’t fix it from Super. Can someone explain to me the reason why C+ ranks engage with A+ rank players? They could have at least showed you what type of player you are up against in the lobby. Oh and let’s not forget the most over used characters online used by scrubs :), the shotos especially!
1.Ryu-Most used character online by far, a scrubs delight!
2.Ken-OMG my HP shoryuken is on fire :D, lemme use it over and over cause looks so effin cool!!! And while i’m at it lemme jump randomly :smiley:
3.Akuma- teleport , teleport , teleport , teleport , teleport , teleport , teleport , teleport…WRD!!!..teleport , teleport , teleport , teleport…
4.Zangief- gotta love that SPD!!!
5.Blanka-Hello, my name is weird hitbox, and i don’t let most of the cast throw me, also, i can spam thunder when ever someone jumps in on me.
6.El Fuerte- I’m the most random character you can come across! I can also do infinite combos :3
7.E.Honda-I’m too fat to engage in in actual combat so i’m just gonna jump all the way in the back of the screen and use 100 hand slap all day
8.Evil Ryu-Nahh don’t mind me, I’m just an akuma clone.
9.Sakura-My links do the most damage in the game!!! Gotta love the lk shunpukyaku!
10.Ibuki-I have arguably the best moveset in the game, I can stun most of the cast in only one combo, ain’t that PURTEY??? And can someone tell me which genius at capcom thought of giving only half the cast projectiles? Like wtf brah.
**Now before you continue, I feel there is nothing wrong with my play style, I have beaten A ranks and B+ users and I compliment people when i lose, so please inform me, how do you beat people who randomly jump around with boxer, I don’t like being cheap, i like fighting honorably, and I already know what your thinking (wtf is the point in trying to beat a scrub if you don’t wanna scrub back?) b its in my blood. **
Now don’t get me wrong, I like street fighter, its just the online community is starting to attract all the wrong people, I can hardly have fun playing this game anymore because I am afraid that the game is going to get over run by people who don’t know how to play the game. I consider myself a decent player and i know general fundamentals , I should be a B rank but of course some force in the universe will not allow me to achieve that goal yet (CONSPIRACY?). I know there are a few players that understand my frustration when it comes to playing online, and especially I have a problem with the American fgc online, as people troll on purpose and ruin the game for others, the Japanese have a straight forward look on playing the game and have demonstrated this at many world wide tournaments, does it really hurt to try and be good? Lets at least try to bring the online FGC back up on its feat in America, because people are becoming misguided. P.S.- To all the idiots who keep responding, “derp you just suck cause you lose to scrubs and so you play like a scrub herp derp.” if your gonna complain like a woman make me a sandwich or challenge me on psn blam57, other wise, READ CAREFULLY-d o n 't b o t h e r c o m m e n t i n g(for you slow people out there). [what I intended to name the thread before people started bitchin-SSFIV:AE IS GARBAGE ONLINE-THE ONLINE FGC IS GOING DOWNHILL IN USA]

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No offense man (okay maybe a little offense…) but if you can’t get around/deal with the things you described, then who’s the scrub?


No, there is virtually no way I can, not with Balrog anyway.


For most, fun is learning the game and being competitive… which you need better competition for. You should be loving facing A ranked players, they will make you better. If you have to, start playing endless and build up a friend list of people you like to play.


Six things wrong with your verbose prose.

  1. Online doesn’t mean anything, people with 3000pp get gigglesmashed by people with 0pp everyday. The really good people play in arcades, with friends or use only training mode. Online is for trolling really.
  2. Learn from your mistakes and correct them. Don’t blame the character, blame the yourself.
  4. SF isn’t the FGC. SF is my favorite fighting game but SF is maybe 15% of the FGC tops. Its smaller than Marvel but larger than other games in this country.
  5. The only people who brought AE are the people who care about SF. Vanilla wiped out the Flowchart Kens and Super wiped out everyone who was on the fence about getting good. The people online on AE know more or less what they are doing, so don’t under-estimate anyone if you play online. Better yet play offline, you’ll get much better.
  6. I love fighting players better than me, thats what makes you better. Thats why I love joining a lobby and fighting guys like PikachuAkuma, Dieminion and stuff. You should too if you want to get good.


All you literally have to do to win against most players online is just keep calm and think.

If you like to jump in while they’re standing, don’t jump in while they’re standing.
If they’re a mashing scrub, block and wait for them to mash.
If they mash SPD on wakeup, just backdash and punish.
If they’re jumping at you, cr.HP.
If they throw fireballs, either walk and block, FA dash through them, or neutral jump them. Also, if they like to jump back fireball, let them. They’ll corner themselves and then panic, usually doing something completely stupid.

Once you get a “good” opponent that knows how to mix things up a bit and knows their ground game, then the game gets fun.


The FGC is almost in no way related to the people playing Ranked on SF:AE. Kind of an absurd proposition that because you are losing in an online mode in a single game that the entire community is dead.


Losing 2 scrubs is ur own fault. My advice is go 2 the Balrog forum and ask others 4 help.

This thread should be closed
quick someone sound The Sosage ALARM


So you’re complaining about FGC just because you’re bad at Shotos, SPD, Blanka Balls, A terrible character that no one uses, E. Honda (Seriously wtf @ complaining on Honda), etc.
Yep, you’re bad at this game and need to stop playing Balrog and learn how to play the damn game if you’re bitching at these. Deal with it, they’ve made me rage since 3rd Strike and I couldn’t care less because that will always happen in every Street Fighter.

If you really want to be a whiner and call people you’ve lost to scrubs, you are a scrub yourself if you complain about SPD lol. Just back dash on your wake-up. So in result, learn Seth and deal with it.


Please don’t write in all bold on the internet, it’s incredibly obnoxious.


Went ahead and made a tl;dr version


Don’t tell people what to do. It’s incredibly obnoxious.

Anyway, maybe the problem is your game? Honestly, I only got into SF with vanilla SFIV and I don’t have all the experience and know-how to fight Balrog that OG SFII players do. Most of the time, I’m stationary and crouch-blocking against him. Why do you keep saying that people jump around and have the upperhand? I’m afraid to jump when playing against a Boxer. Jump towards him? Heatbutts galore. Jump away from him? He times his charge attack so that is hits me on the way down or at least gets up in my face. I find it incredibly hard to run away from a boxer, but maybe that’s just me. Either way, I’ve never though it’s a good idea to jump around when fighting a boxer.


Everyone is scrubs.

Can’t deal with jump back.



sounds like the OP needs to work on his fundamentals


OP, I hope you’re trolling, 'cause I honestly feel you’re the one exhibiting a scrub mentality here. Even if you don’t mash out random moves, if you keep losing, then it just means you need to start making some adjustments. The instant you stop thinking about how to just deal with the things you’re struggling with, and write it off as “scrubs,” you’re limiting yourself and you’re becoming a scrub yourself. Always take full responsibility for your own losses, and learn how to deal with it for next time. If you don’t scrub-proof your game, you’ll lose to other scrubs, and as long as you just use the excuse that “they’re scrubs,” you’ll stay a scrub yourself.

If that made sense, at least, this is what I tell myself. Sure, I get frustrated in the moment losing to some things I wouldn’t have predicted, but then I need to think about how to approach the same situation in a safer manner, or if there’re stronger choices I could’ve made. Etc.

He wasn’t telling (the give-away is the ‘please’ at the start.) If I ask you to stop something, then I explain that I asked you because I find it obnoxious, I’m not telling you to do anything.


The only excuse for not wanting to play somebody is when the connection is horrible.


What i meant is the fgc online, not all of it in general, local play is great and refreshing but online is garbage, i understand your opinion though


nice job


Its just the random ken shit that gets to me, shotos in general bother me


PP does matter, it means how big your PP is silly.
And yeah, a lot of good players play mainly in arcades.
I’m surprised Jahad Brown you haven’t complained about Dan, a lot of people complain more about Dan than Blanka.
So if you want to avoid “scrubs” as you call them, put it to more skilled.
Makes your PP bigger or smaller either way.