SSFIV AE PC - character select music file/change?


I want to replace the old one :frowning:
Is this possible?

Links to tutorials would be appreciated. I could only find stage BGM mods :confused:


[A couple of places refer to a folder at Game/Sound… not sure which folder in the AE directory is analogous to this. Possibly resource/ui/sound? The names are different though.]


I follow this mod to replace the music from the boring training stage and now I have a new version of the Remy’s Theme from 3S:

Too bad I can’t find the video where I’m playing on that stage.


Oh, cool.
I want to apply the mod:
Vanilla SF4 Chara Select Music

but the link is broken :frowning:

I don’t suppose anyone can dig up the CSB file for me?


edit: this worked: