SSFIV:AE performance with Iris graphics?


Hey guys, I’m trying to figure out whether or not it’s worth me installing Win 7 on my MacBook Pro Retina so I can play Street Fighter.

The rMBP comes with Iris graphics. It’s supposedly decent for an integrated GPU. It can run Diablo III a reasonable settings, but I haven’t been able to try Street Fighter yet. So have any of you had any experience with it?

Ideally I’d like to play at a steady 60 FPS at either 1080p with some MSAA or retina resolution without MSAA.


worked great on a MBP from 2010.


What settings and resolution?


average settings, that mbp was only a core2duo,
max reso 1440x980 wont work if you don’t use pc mod with 2d flat background / no background.
with consolelike reso, 60 to 80 fps easy.

So with a newer mbp, it should be even better.


I’ve played the game on an Intel HD 3000. Iris GPUs are essentially Intel HD 5000s, but slightly better either in clock rate or with embedded memory.

The GPU absolutely cannot handle particles, turn those off. Also, you might get some framerate issues while some 2D sprites are on screen, which is especially annoying when playing with E.Ryu. It still generally managed 60 FPS with E.Ryu on training stage. There might be a mod to remove his flame effects, I would look into that if it turns out to be a problem.

The game otherwise managed perfect 60 fps. I was playing without AA or vsync, with stages set to medium, and everything else set to high. EDIT: Resolution was 1680x1050


Thanks guys. It would be awesome if someone with an Iris GPU could do an AE benchmark at different settings/resolutions.