SSFIV AE Problems connecting to GFWL

(I didn’t really know whether to put this in the SF board or in this one, but since it seems to be more of a problem with the computer I decided for this one. If someone sees this and knows of a better spot for it, please tell me or move it over. Thanks!)

I’ve been playing SSFIV AE on my PC for a few weeks now, but I can only play local multiplayer or CPU matches. Every time I try to connect to GFWL, it gives me no response. I scroll down to the “LIVE” option in the main menu and select it, but nothing happens. I can hear the sound confirming I’ve selected this option, but nothing changes. No dialog box, no login screen, nothing. The menu selection for “Games for Windows - LIVE BATTLE” only returns a dialog box saying I must be signed into GFWL.

I’ve tried running the GFWL client from the desktop before starting the game (as that fixed the problem I had with Dark Souls when I first installed that game), but it has no effect on the outcome. It may be a problem the program is having connecting to anything, since if I try and access the “Steam Store” option it says I must launch the game from the Steam Client (no matter how I actually launch it). I have the most up-to-date versions of GFWL and Steam.

I’ve looked around for answers to this problem, but I haven’t seen anything like my specific problem that actually helped my situation. I’m sure there’s an obvious answer, but I can’t find it, so if anyone knows of any way to help out that would be awesome.

uninstall GFWL and reinstall using the latest Games for Windows Marketplace client from That usually fixes most people up. GFWL is pretty ass though anyway. I play SF4 and get disc every few minutes sometimes, and often takes multiple tries to reconnect.