SSFIV AE Steam Version Help!


Hello fellas, I bought the game way back when it was on sale for 12$ with all DLC. I’m able to run the game just fine with a B rank for my comp settings. But I want to try and run it with an A rank. My matches haven’t had any problems and I’ve never received any messages complaining about my matches being unplayable besides the occasional lag. I have a Dell Inspiron with the below specs. I want to be able to run the game at least at 720p. Thanks for any help possible.

My Specs.

System Requirements to run the game taken from the Steam page.


You need buy a video card. Integrated video is most likely your largest bottleneck.

Moving to tech talk.


i have about the same specs in my old macbook pro and it runs at about 45fps b rank. my gaming pc will do somethings dumb like 300fps. honestly, if you can get a video card, youll be good for a stable 60fps and thats all you need. imho, thats your best bet for the dollar. its using the next gen architecture from nvidea, its cheap as crap, pretty fast… especially for how little of power and heat it puts out. also, nvidea has great driver support.

if this is a laptop, you are stuck at b rank. add me on steam man. im hardly ever on but im kinda a noob, so we can learn together

steam id is tehred5pade