SSFIV AE V2012 android mook only $1.63


Actually today I had just published a SSFIV AE V2012 android guide.
This apps include all 39 characters latest profile, movement data, move data, frame data, hit boxes…
selling in Sing Dollar 1.99 or USD1.63.

Those android fans can have a look here and have some feedback.

Latest version v1.02.

I picked this up, so I thought I would provide feedback to both the OP as well as any potential buyers.

Some nice features specific to this app that I have not seen elsewhere (or are at least noteworthy)

*Links to youtube/sf4tube videos of the characters
*Links to the SRK forum for the characters
*Character profile data (height, nationality, etc.)

On the balance, the app is quite good and very much functional. As best I can tell the data is accurate, and things are more or less logically organized. I would say that is is a very passable guide and will get the job done. Of the few apps I have used for this purpose, I would say it is probably the best and the one I will continue to use.

With that in mind though, I do see several opportunities for improvement.

  • HITBOX PICTURES- These appear to just be screenshots of a magazine clipping and you can’t zoom in at all. Also, while I was able to figure out the ordering of what moves were which, labels in English would be a welcome addition. The thought is nice, but overall usability is quite low.

*SCREEN FLIPPING- Everything is vertical view until you go into frame data and you must go horizontal. Give the option to pick one orientation and stick with it. Having to flip the screen is jarring.

*SPLIT FRAME/HIT DATA- This was clearly designed with phones rather than tablets in mind. You have to go to two separate screens (which take a long time to load for some reason) to get the full hit data AND frame data. On my Nexus 7 I think I could easily see the full frame/hit data on one screen. If nothing else seeing the damage on the frame data screen would be useful rather than saying “wow, that looks really good!.. wonder how much damage it actually does?”

I would say the app is probably already worth the buck and change, but fixing the issues above would cause it to have my unquestioned recommendation.

thanks for the feedback.
Now I am improve the features. The main reason that I wont let the hit box diagram can be zoom because of the limit storage/low resolution(picture) of a smart phone. If I put a full HD hitbox, it would be cool & can be zoo easily, but it might use up over 1GB of space which I dun recommend so much…the new update patch will come out soon.

For IOS fans, I would release in Mac version, but it takes about a month or two to finished. Just because I am part time programmer and I busy prepare tournament.However I full passion with it, thanks for support.

i love this app, a big slow though, takes a while to load.
there was an error in vega’s cl.hp, its startup is 9 frames, not 3 frames. that’s the only mistake i can find for now since i’m a vega player.

in coming update patch, I will try to solve the loading issue. By the way can you pls email me the error found to Since I check back the apps, I found nothing wrong. do you mean Vega(claw)?

If you like our apps, you can give us comments and rate us in google play.

I will buy one to support you. Thanks for doing the app. You are Singaporean?

thanks for support. Your support is my passion to continue… Actually I am a Malaysian.

yeap, i meant claw. his cl.hp start up is the only thing wrong, it’s 9 frame start up, not 3. thanks!

Can you also please make be able to move it to the sd card as well? 85mb is just too big for many phones out there at the moment, including mine!

This is an awesome quick reference guide, but for some reason the hitbox information doesn’t appear for any of the characters on my Nexus Galaxy. Anyone else having this problem?

Thank for supporting SSF4 Ae V2012 Guide.

Actually you are the first customer that facing this report. We are currently in upgrading process that fix all the issue above. The upgrade patch is in the corner.

By the way do you mind to share with me which version of Galaxy Nexus you are currently using?

Nice job on the app… hope a ios version comes soon

So far I’m really enjoying how comprehensive and collective this app is but because we paid for it I do not think it is fair or appropriate for you to place running ads in the application itself.

My only request is that you remove them please. Otherwise I will have to hold judgement before I can officially rate your app on the Google play store.

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Just wanting to follow up on this. Lance86 got in contact with me via email shortly after I posted about this bug and asked me a few questions about my phone (make, model, OS version) and kept me informed as he worked on troubleshooting. It took a couple of updates before the problem was finally resolved, but now the app works perfectly–it even runs quite a bit faster than it used to. I wish all software developers were as diligent and personable as Lance!

It’s a great little reference guide. I’ve recommended it to all of my friends who play, and we almost always have this app open whenever we get together to play. It’s absolutely worth every penny.

Givin this a bump to say I’ve purchased and so that people know there’s actually an app out there with v.2012 data on it.

is there any way to keep notes in this app for setups on specific characters etc im still using the ae one that had a note feature and it was great could have individual notes on each character.

This would be a fantastic addition for a future patch.