SSFIV:AE Won't Install On Xbox360

I have searched on here and on Capcom Unity for this problem and can’t find a solution.
I had SSFIV installed on my Xbox,hadn’t played it in a while,switched it on last week and it downloaded an update.I then got AE on Disc,put it in my 360 and it updated,if i try to install AE to the hard drive nothing happens.I have deleated all SF content (including the SSFIV install) apart from my save file and also cleared my Xbox Cache.
AE still won’t install,Any help with this would be great.

Thank You

Sorted It : )

I logged out of Xbox Live and then tried an install,it worked first time,very strange
I thought this sort of thing only happened to people using modded consoles and copied games,all my stuff is legit

Confirmed on my xbox also. No mods. Log out of XBL then install. Thanks for info.

Yea, I have the same issue here, it’s really weird. I don’t know how being logged out would fix it but it does! >.<