SSFIV: Akuma's Frame Data


This was sent my way:

And as a basis of comparison, the SFIV frame data:

far standing HK start-up is 8f. So how can you link s.lp into s.lp has 2 active frames, so if you hit your opp in the last active frame the link becomes possible? Did this happened in SF4 also, making the link to be 2f sometimes?

I’m really confused about SSF4 frame data because some people claim some of the 1 frame links to be at least 2 frames, but looking at the frame data for various chars it’s still the same 1f link. Did Capcom made some adjustments to how inputs register?

Some Akuma players also reported that his links seem easier.

I’ve heard that this site has some questionable frame data reports, Akuma’s crMK frame data looks identical on their page yet we all know for damn sure that it’s been changed somehow… I’d say we just wait for more official data.

I agree.

Re: (and also and I feel more than just frame data is responsible for the changes. I’m assuming hitboxes have been tweaked too.

The frame data on the normals could still be correct. The improvement on his crouch mediums could be the result of a beefed up hitbox. All I know for certain is that his mediums have been improved.

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Thanks for the data. I was on the dudley forums since I’m really interested in learning him and they had a link to:
which offers all the data on him. Wonder where they got that and where we could get more!

Edit: jk, this is the prima guide
Edit 2: mp, hp shakus cooldown been reduced a smidge, 57, 63 frames (60, 67)

Update: Gilley from SRK has compiled new frame data which has been posted on Eventhub’s character section. You can find the frame data here:

Did he just say far stLP is only +5? That’s wrong. It has +7. This can be cross examined in training mode by verifying the start-up of his stHK at 8 frames, turning CH on, and using stLP linked into stHK for a 3 hit combo.

It’s all jibble jabble to me right now. Roundhouse loop is too hard now, low mediums are buffed, and something seems weird about standing fierce. Yet the frames say otherwise.

Are any of these lists confirmed to be accurate? Some things like the recovery on the teleports seem to be incorrect in the eventhubs list.