SSFIV Art Design and You

i just like to say firstly i have no opinion on sf4 as a video game just some thoughts about the art.

Sometimes, when i play street fighter 4, i see makoto sakura cammy juri and such .

I wonder why they all have boy faces…

Now maybe i am incorrect about this, i mean there isnt a huge distinction in the faces of youth or younger people in todays celebs etc,

e.g. megan fox face imo.

maybe its just a few small things that take away from the female qualities or the lack of makeup etc
i find these boy-faces very disturbing and furthermore the fact that men my age believe manly looking girls are attractive.

and just about everyone else has a big serious scowl on their face.

i would like to play this game more but i find it extremely stressful and i was wondering if anyone else feels the same or if they have any advice.

i dont mean me getting mad about losing , just things like how almost all the characters look like they are having the worst day of their life and alot of them have an even dumber look every time they do an yelling angrily

they just dont look like they are having fun, i know alot of people who play the game frequently like all day long like daigo and etc, turn voices off.

i find these things disturbing.

i would really like to know other peoples opinion and hopefully im not the only one who straight up gets put in a bad mood looking at all the unhappy characters.