SSFIV Avatars

Super SFIV avatars for people to use as they please. They may scale horribly if you’re not a premium member.

these are pretty cool. I like the seth one

Forgot the bint.

Fei long looks a little weird but these are pretty sick!

very nice

Hmm…Card Fighters Clash and the SSFIV logo…Nice work.

Of course.

So if anything looks weird, I guess the blame is at SNK’s door.

Its the nose.

But for the most part these are pretty wicked (if you drew every character from scratch, not tracing existing images or anything). TBH at first I thought you meant you made stuff for the icons used in online play.

They’re from Card Fighters Clash 1 and 2. I’m not taking credit for anything, other than the obvious editting that goes into making them transparent avatars. I thought everyone would recognise these.

Both good games I might add.

I like the simplicity of them, very nice.

Damn no Juri one, well either way thanks for sharing them.

thanks for sharing them