SSFIV Character trials that help in other ways


I have been doing different character trials other then the ones i use (Sakura, Boxer) just to see were i would get stuck before giving up, and I find some trials seem to be a good way of practicing different game techniques like Ken’s level 19 trial for FADC and Ryu’s level 19 for Plinking. Are there any other trials that help out in this same kind of way that I haven’t gotten to yet?


Elf’s 24 on a pad… helps you partice paitence.


after not doing an RSF for so long i was surprised I pulled 3 off randomly


My friend blanks out after just doing two I don’t think I will do any better lol.


Just play all. If you cant get it after like 20 trys come back to it in a few days. I remember when i just got the game, i couldnt even do most trials past 15. Than slowly but surely i eventually got all. try sagats like last 4.


The trials are basically useful only for trying to break yourself out of muscle memory habits that may not be beneficial in the long run. If you’re maining and putting all your focus on one char, then you might get in the habit of only dashing in a certain direction after FADC – trials are good for getting out of that habit.

They’re also good for boredom.

Uh, yeah. That’s about it. Most of the trials amount to trial-and-error for shit you not only will never use in a real match, but would actually be completely stupid to ever use in a real match. Most of the later trials, your only real reward for completing them is the question of what the fuck you just spent the last 30 minutes doing.


I think someone is forgetting the sweet character flag emblems you get for completing all a character’s trials. Lol!


Yes I need my Sakura Boxer flags! lol but @caim I dont think they are all bad some trails can transfer over combo wise assuming you never looked up any combos to begin with, like someone can see El Fuerte’s trail 24 and go why would I do something this complicated and not realize it’s somewhat of a standard combo for him (that maybe a extreme example but i think it gets the point across). However I see your point as I don’t think I will be looking to make sure I can land that air testu into ultra 2 for Sakura (though most of Boxer’s trails seem usable).

thank you everyone for your input I will still do them just to mess with other characters but won’t make it some goal that has to be done cause if I don’t I suck at street fighter.