SSFIV Evo 2010 Top 8 Picks! By: Rotendo

[Disclaimer: This thread was created for fun and is not intended as an insult, disrespect, blah, blah, blah to any of the top 8 players. So before anyone decides to troll and flame… chill]

What are you top picks? Will you be right? How close do you think you’ll actually get to guessing correctly? A top 8 without Justin, Marn, Alex Valle, John Choi, Arturo, Sanford, Ed Ma, and many other great players… this will be an interesting Evo Finals to watch, so don’t miss out!

Rotendo’s Picks

Ricky Ortiz>Vangief

Henry Cen>Gamerbee


Shizza vs Ross (Ross)
Shizza vs Vangief (Vangief)

Henry Cen vs Ross (Ross)
Henry Cen vs Vangief (Vangief)

Ross vs Vangief :lol: (see… it works out either way!)


Ricky Ortiz vs Daigo Grand Finals

Daigo wins first set

Ricky Ortiz takes out Daigo in the next set and wins SSFIV Evo 2010!

Post your thoughts and picks.

(I’m neither a psychic, mind reader, or a time traveler. So if my picks are spot on, it was by sheer coincidence)

I will GLADLY, give you 2 to 1 odds that ricky does not win evo. Please let me know.

I think Infiltration has it against Shizza thinking about it.

I’m actually going to call Daigo and Infiltration for the finals, with Daigo winning.

If Infiltration goes out, it will be Ricky and Daigo.

Damn, Ruin… always gotta be busting balls. Anyway, you go to Evo this year, entered Marvel? (I’m assuming that you’re posting from your phone of course or room if you are at Evo)

I’d like to see the Mike ‘The People’s Champ’ Ross win, but I wanted to make it interesting. Oh, and I’m too broke to make bets right now (which is why I’m not at Evo this year)

I would bet copious amounts of money that Ortiz isn’t taking 1st.

Here’s mine:

Daigo > Ross
Ortiz > Vangief

Infiltration > Shizza
Gamerbee > Henry Cen

Daigo > Ortiz

Infiltration > Ross (sketchy)
Infiltration < Vangief (sketchy)

Gamerbee > Vangief
Gamerbee < Ross

The above picks may make no sense to some but I feel that way due to character matchups and playstyles.

Infiltration < Gamerbee
Vangief < Ross

Ortiz > Ross
Ortiz > Gamerbee

Daigo > Ortiz

Won’t even make it to second set.

call me crazy but maybe gamerbee makes it out of losers…dood’s legit

If Gamerbee goes against Henry Cen, Henry Cen would probably go with Sim, because Adon has a hard time against him getting in. HK and EX-Jaguar tooth eats b+rh all day while lk/mk whiffs. He’ll have to use Jaguar kick to get by Sim’s yoga fire. I know this match up well because I play this match up quite a bit vs Adon with my Sim. If Henry chooses not to go with Sim, then I’d say Gamerbee would take the match. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Why does everybody think Ortiz will beat Vangief? I’m very hard pressed to count him out, especially after beating Wong.

I think the odds changed after what GamerBee did last night in the Salty Suite tournament.

Gamerbee showed he was no fluke midnight in the high rollers tourney. He did not lose a set once and a variety of characters were used against him, including Art’s sim. I think Wong and Marn are probably training/trained hard with Ortiz after their experience and defeat against Gamerbee. I think it will be close between them if it ever comes down to it. It was close, minus the last round (where GB had like half life left), with Wong. GB obliterated Marn’s Rufus. Ortiz is somewhere between those two players. As for the immediate matchup with Zangief, I think Vangief has the slight upperhand too. Here’s how I see it

Daigo > Mike Ross
Vangief > Ricky Ortiz
GamerBee > Henry Cen
Infiltration > Shizza

I would love to see upsets either way though. Where it goes from there I don’t care to bother right now.

Well, I got essentially every pick wrong -.-