SSFIV Execution training program

OK there is already an excellent execution guide stickied. Read this 1st (Here).

But I’ve seen a lot of post from people wondering what to do in training mode. I was the same when I started… You’re given a blank canvas and told to paint, with 35 colours and 10 brushes. What do you paint?
So I’ve just rushed this out for some of you (and a friend of mine having execution problems).

Basics of training.
Training heavierly relys on repetition to build muscle memory. Doing sets of 5/10/20/50 each side of the training dummy.
Start low and restart everytime you “miss” one.
eg. I’m doing sets 10 dragon punches… I do 7, but then do a fireball by mistake. I would restart my set until I get to 10.

You dont have to do every action perfectly (not that it can hurt) you do want to keep them tidy though… between reps, have a look at your inputs (can be turned on in training options) , they need to be as close to what they should be as posible. (this will prevent problems later with option selects and combos).

The training program I use, uses lots of different characters to teach inputs… this is only to make it more effceint due to animation time and motion your practising.
Remember, you dont have to hit the dummy as long as your move comes out (its better for some characters/moves that it doesn’t)… This isn’t spacing or combo training.

Also you will not see things like Quarter Circle back :qcb: in the guide, because if you can do :qcf: on both sides of the screen, you can do :qcb: on both sides of the screen.

Training settings : Ultra and super set to refil

NOTE: Stick motion is heading, button is press is next to character name and is always at the end of the motion unless otherwise stated.

who: :p:Ryu. :p:Ken.
Why: Spam hadokens, remember only one can be on the screen at once so time your inputs.
Who: :p:Fei long
Why. his :qcf::p: can be done 3 times in quick sucession.

Who :p: Ryu :p:Ken
Why: Light DP’s are nice and fast and can be done quickly
Who: :lp: then a :hp: dp Dudley (must connect with dummy)
Why: lp uppercut, followed by hp uppercut can be combo’d.

Who: :k: chun-li
Why: nice fast move can be spammed out

Charge :l: :r:
Who: :p: Guile
Why: Sonic Booms, just spam keep spamming them, learn the charge time
Who: Guile close range
Why: Push the training dummy all the why to the wall, then jump over so your backs to the wall, and start doing sonic booms, Do them as quick as you can a point blank range, they can be done a lot faster then you think.

Charge :d: :u:
Who: :k: Guile
Why: Flash kicks are nice and fast
Advanced ? ?

:360: (360)
Who: :p:Zangief. :p:T.Hawk, :p: Hakan
Why: Command throws, its better they dont connect due to the lengthy animation, but you will see the grab come out
Advanced. No jump
Who: As above
Why: Its quite tricky at 1st to do this without jumping


:360: :360: (720 Ultra).
See 360.

Who: :p:Ryu.
Why: Super hadoken, quick animation.
Who: :3p: Dhalsim’s
Why: Instant recovery, teaches :3p: on Ultra (thanks Data Beast)
Who: Jumping :p: Ibuki
Why: Aerial super, must be done while jumping forcing faster execution and stick positioning. Try and do it before the peak of the jump

Charge :l: :r::l::r:
Who. :3p: Guile (Ultra 2)
Why: Nice and quick

Charge :db: :df::db::uf:
Who: Dee jay
Why: Nice and quick
Who: :lk: follow by :3k: Guile (ultra 1) (must connect with dummy)
Why: Guiles Super can be combo’d into his Ultra. Forcing 2 quick executions of the same motion.

Example training plan for me (I play dudley but use the training characters above)
20 Advance :dp: on each side of the dummy (40)
20 :hcb: each side of the dummy (40)
20 advance :qcf::qcf: each side of dummy (40)

That takes me about 10 mins, and i use it as a warm up each day before matches. So as you can see, just pick the motions your choice of character does.

Any of the more experienced crowd want to chip in or add to this, by all means pm or add to thread. Later I’ll cover spacing an basic buffering/1-2’s.

Hope this helps

Reserved for buffering and 1-2s

Dhalsim’s Ultra 1 works well for :qcf::qcf: training because the recovery is instant. It has the added benefit of teaching you how to hit :lp::mp::hp:.