SSFIV Fight stick users.... (XBOX 360 Crazy Learning Curve)

Alright, so I learned how to play SSFIV using the xbox 360 controller, got through 50% of the challenges, and had alot of good combos down. THEN today I purchased the Tournament Edition Fight stick and I am back to square 1.

I have started over my challenges (mainly Ken’s) and am getting used to this new learning curve. But my question is this:

How do you position your hand on your fight stick? I keep my first 3 fingers across Medium, Heavy, and Triple Punch and feel around, I usually miss alot of throws doing it this way.

But I dont want to learn to play this game a second time and get my hand stance incorrect.

what works best for you guys? Thanks in advance I appreciate your help!

I originally played using all 8 buttons, but trust me on this, once you learn to execute everything using the 6 white buttons it’s much easier. Moving your hand around for the 8 can cause you to miss a lot of stuff.

Just practice, practice, practice. As far as hand stance goes, whether you choose to use 8 or 6 of the buttons (if 6 just unbind the two black buttons on the far right), do what feels comfortable. However, it’s always a good idea to keep your hand over the light, medium and hard buttons, not the 3x ones. The 3x buttons are very situational and really aren’t necessary at all, whereas all 3 of the light, medium and hard ones are important.

Lol I just found they sticky and read it. yes i think im going to do what you said sektr.

how do you unbind keys

This article helped me a lot when I switched. It has a lot of nice pictures. Pictures are always good.

I am guessing that by unbinding keys you mean make it so that the last two buttons dont function?

Go to button configuration and edit it from there. … You could also get button plugs for your stick and whatnot but Button config is easy enough.

from what i hear, the pros shun the 3x (4th) button. i could see why, it really doesnt need to be used if you asked me. i try to keep my index strictly for lp and lk, middle finger strictly for mp and mk, and ring finger strictly for hp and hk, and thumb + to throw or FA. its only because i dont want to confuse what im tapping because it happens to me and its well coordinated. but ive seen other ppl use whatever fingers to do whatever.

set them to nothing

Read the stickies

Read the thread

Pretty much what I do too. And OP you can unbind them by going to Button Config and setting those 2 specific buttons to nothing.

At first hitting all three at once will seem a little awkward but after you are able to consistently do a few basic combos into your ultra it’s easy to adapt to everything else. For example, I used Ryu’s c.MP -> EX. Hadoken -> Ult 1 combo and practiced over and over on both sides til I had a near 100% execution ratio, then that easily adapted to other characters’ combos (Ryu isn’t my main I just felt like that was a good basic combo that required enough hand movement to help me adapt).

Read the fucking stickies

All of this is covered

Had you read my 2nd post instead of just reading the first one, youd see that I did find the stickies and read them. But instead you made yourself look like an ass twice.

Anyways, yeah once I unbound the 7th and 8th buttons it came alot easier for me. Pushing all 3 wasn’t hard at all and now this stick is so fluid my game is already improving. Thanks guys

TriplePunch, Welcome to the forums! Please note; This forum has possibly one of the highest number of back-seat moderators on the interhighway. So save yourself the hassle and don’t respond to the unhelpful.

So anyway, I use a 4th Punch and Kick button. Button 4 and 8 are P+P+P and K+K+K. I had no idea that people frowned upon it. Is it really a big deal though? It’s not like illegal or anything right? I’ve already gotten used to it now I don’t want to change :frowning:

This question comes up a lot. Basically, some of people who grew up in arcades find it distasteful. Now and then you’ll find tournaments with 3p/k banned (this was more common before SF4). You’re also putting yourself at a disadvantage if you ever go play in an arcade.

But generally, it’s allowed. It’s up to you whether any of the reasons to consider not using them are important to you.

On the TE stil, where Xes are occupied and Oes are not, my fingers sit at:


This probably comes from me playing BB and GG, but it’s just the most comfortable position for me. My MP finger can hit LP and HK. My MK finger hits LK. I typically don’t use K+K+K (I play a U1 Abel, typically), but when I do my P+P+P finger hits K+K+K.

Hitting the multi-punch buttons isn’t really bad, it’s just poor execution. I know many people who put OSes on their button 4 and 8. It’s really whatever works for you, bro.

If anything, I’d watch how you keep your hand on the joystick.

I really want to play an authentic SFIV machine sometime, so it looks like I better start learning a 6 button set up I guess! Don’t see why I can learn to be fluent on both set ups, even if It might be confusing.

Also, yeah my setup on BlazBlue is


Circles being the buttons I use. I do that because of seeing the set up for the arcade. So that further gives me reason to go 6 buttons on SSFIV then!

Yeah I don’t think they meant the triple buttons were ‘noob’ buttons, they are just not genuine related to an official arcade machine. I had problems before with wasting ultras from button mashing, but now since i have to knowingly hit all 3 buttons simultaneously its helping me get my move rotation more precise. I may get the custom top and just remove those 2 extra buttons.

**Only reason it’s frowned upon by people who have used sticks before SFIV, is because back than there were no extra 2 buttons.

I personally will use all buttons at my disposal, just play however works best for you.**

Yeah, I don’t think anybody would say they’re “noob buttons”, it’s just known to be preferable to learn to execute without them. Like you noticed, it’s a lot easier to not lose track of buttons using only 6 buttons.

Actually for all the BB players in here, how many active buttons does that game need? I was interested in picking it up but I’m also having a custom stick made with a 6 button layout, will I be able to play BB with that? I notice the cabinet seems to use 7 buttons, but I have no idea what each individual one does, is there one button on it that’s useless?

I just don’t like the 3p 3k because it’s easier to have to focus on a smaller section section of the stick. It’s annoying to have to reach over and press the 3p button when my fingers are already resting on the 3 punch buttons. I just keep them off so I never accidental get something wrong out if I hit them by accident. It’s no problem for me if other people use it though, it’s not like it gives them an advantage.

TC here’s a good suggestion for when you are switching to an arcade stick: Learn another game at the same time.

This may sound dumb because at first it may feel like you are double handicapping yourself, but in reality it will keep you from getting discouraged. If you are only playing SSF4 when getting used to your stick you’ll quickly become frustrated when you can hit ken’s “so-and-so” combo or you have a hard time FADCing or whatever. If you start with a new game then you will have a fresh view of the game. You would be upset when you can do “whatever combo” because you never could. Also tbh SSF4’s lenient system can give you some bad habits. When I got my arcade stick I started playing Third Strike a ton. I learned stuff in both the game and by arcade stick at the same time. I was so interested in some of the character’s super jump cancels and stuff that when I went back to SF4 for the first time in a while I started maining C. Viper and I have ever since.

Edit for the guy above me:

I play blazblue like


So you should be fine with 6 buttons

There are 3 attack buttons (top 3) and one Drive button (Bottom button, basically a special attack button that has entirely different uses for each character)

To be honest, I’m not sure how much of an argument that is anymore. Recently, the last few tournaments I’ve seen have been bring-your-own-stick affairs.