SSFIV Fighting Sticks


Is there any cheap but good and comfortable fighting sticks for Xbox 360? Please respond because I’m tired of playing and losing on the 360 pad!


Fightstick TEs go on sale for $100 regularly.

If you can’t afford that, you may be able to find a Hori Real Arcade Pro (HRAP) EX SE for $70-80 on Ebay or in the Trading Outlet.

If not, get a Fightstick SE.


if you get an SE plz mod it. its worth it


mod it how? like add a spring to the joystick? change the gate? replace the buttons?


and its also very ignorant to think your execution is the only reason you are losing


trading outlet.


standard buttons and stick

sanwa - buttons and stick - JLF


I never said anything about my execution being my downfall. I’m just not comfortable with the 360 pad


Where do you see fightstick te’s on sale for $100? I only see them for $150.


There not on sale right now, but they do go on sale very often. i would assume a sale for the upcoming MVC3 launch


In recent history, for every major tournament, Markman has posted a sale for Madcatz Arcade Sticks on the the

You will need to figure out when the next major is and look around the SRK tech talk forums or front page for the promotion coupon codes. Not sure if Keystone 2 on Feb 26 is a major or if he will do a promotion then, but keep an eye out if you hear about a big tournament.


winter brawl