SSFIV: How long do you usually take to do challenge trials?

Just curious, how long does it usually take you guys to do challenge trials?

There are a few that I can do on the first try (e.g. short links, Jump in atk -> st. atk -> spcl mov -> FADC -> Ultra, etc.), but there are a few that take me 10, 20, sometimes even 30 minutes to get down. I know my execution is ass in a bag, but I would like to know how it compares to others.

It just makes me feel like I suck when I take forever to do a certain trial, but then I see YouTube videos of people doing ridiculous ones on their first or second tries. Is the gap between my execution and theirs that ridiculously big?

EDIT: This isn’t asking how to develop my execution, I’m just asking how good (or bad) mine is as related to others.

Thanks in advance!

Depends on character etc Shotos i can do within a few trys on the harder trials

Same here. Has there been a character that’s taken a really long time? I swear I’ll die before I finish Viper’s trials…

I can usually do all 24 within 10 or 15 minutes.
Some characters take longer. I have really solid execution though from vanilla SF4, so this is just the same stuff for me.

Yea it’s pretty dependent.

I did everything with Akuma relatively easy until I hit 23. I never use the poopy D.MK downward kick because it sucks and doesn’t combo as efficiently as Akuma’s demonflip kick. Still, they made me use it to kick off an FADC combo, and instead of HP.Shoryu after the LK.Tatsu, they wanted me to link HK.Tatsu instead. Since it was 100% against my muscle memory it took me a good 30mins to get it down.

That dive kick still sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends on the character. With certain characters, I’ll have all 24 challenges finished in around 20 minutes. My most troublesome combos are ones that are mostly tricky links.

It’s not too bad when all you need to do is plink out one or two links… but when the whole combo is made up of different links, I usually will get frustrated after 10 minutes or so and try again later.

Awhile. If I get stuck on a particular trial, I’ll just do something else and go back to it later. Usually when I go back I’ll get the trial done in a few tries.

Probably won’t take most people long, thanks to Vanilla.

Since I haven’t put any love into SFIV, it’d take me hours.

Cleared Bison’s entire trials in 30 minutes. The first time it took me two days for the hard trials, averaging at like 30 min-an hour per trial.

No big surprises there, Bison’s links are beyond easy. I still really don’t get the easy trial with close HP xx teleport…WHY? Why would you try to teach impressionable newbies something so brain-meltingly useless?

Some people were saying that it means nothing to get the trial right only once, that you should be able to do it smoothly and multiple times in a row without errors. I’m glad the game doesn’t make you do that, otherwise I would go insane.

You meet a focus attack, an attack with armor, or you want to bait a move? Close Fierce -> Teleport -> HK Scissors/FP Crusher to punish the whiffed attack/throw/shoryuken.

I’m a grappler, so to try out the new guys I burned through Hawk, Hakan (and Geif for good measure, who was my main in Vanilla) in about 30-45 mins each. I finished Juri’s in about 2 hours total across a couple sessions - I haven’t finished anyone else’s. Being a completionist about challenge mode is a fun way to kill time, it’s not gonna make you better with your main. Though, running through the challenges, even if you skip some, will help you come to an understanding of the other characters.

It was probably the trial that demonstrated which normals are cancelable, yes?

I’d imagine telling a newbie to do close st.:hp: xx Teleport is easier than telling him to do close st.:hp: xx charge move.


Fuck my life.

It’ll get better?

  1. If you meet an armor move like Balrog’s EX rush punches with close fierce, you’ve probably already lost anyway. And actually, from loading up training mode to fact-check my answers to this question, I don’t think you’re ever gonna see this situation in a real match; EX Dash Straight in your face is gonna hit well before close fierce goes active, and if it’s coming from long range (dumb idea against non-fireball characters), you have much better responses at your disposal.

  2. If it’s just a normal Focus attack and they’re still charging, why waste time and risk the opponent getting out (or God forbid, FADC -> Ultra-ing your ass while you’re purple and chuckling) with close fierce xx teleport? Just cancel to Psycho Crusher/Knee Press and smash them in the face; you already exhausted their armor with the fierce.

And really, if for some unfathomable reason you wanted to do cancel-to-teleport shenanigans, you wouldn’t do it with close fierce, because on hit you’ve got far better things to cancel into (finish that combo, son!) and if you’re trying to do it on block you’re gonna get fucked if the opponent knows it’s coming because of its slow startup. Cancelling it on block to back teleport wouldn’t be that much safer, either, because depending on spacing many characters can Ultra punish it. I know Balrog U1 can do it (midscreen or anywhere), I’m pretty sure Abel and Chun-Li U1 can do it too; the opponent is gonna leave blockstun well before the teleport recovers.

So yeah, this trial is still head-scratchingly pointless.

I’m not sure, probably like 30 minutes for almost all trials for just one character, but I will skip the troublesome ones till later and individually they can take me up to 10 minutes to an hour, maybe more. I remember staying up all night trying to do Abel’s hard trials, and with Ken’s last trial, I spent like a week with many hours a day just to get it done (I have a lot of free time lol). Although, this time around, I’m not so noobish I can get them done faster, much faster in fact.

Depends… everyone but gen’s trials were pretty easy in SF4, ive done cody, zangief,ibuki guile and thawk and all of those were easy but ibuki took some getting use to

i’m a total SF4 noob. I just got SS4 and I am working though the Juri trials, i’m having a ton of trouble with the beginner combos like crouch lk - crouch lk - standing mk. I get the 2 crouch light kicks in, but i have only gotten in the standing medium kick a few times, and everytime i do, i don’t get how i finally got it to link.

am i spamming light kick too much? am i not hitting medium kick fast enough? i just need some basic advice on this to realize what i’m doing wrong. thanks!

Then just focus on doing to change up the timing a bit, see what works until you figure it out and can do it consistently. On those link trials, don’t mash, don’t even double tap*, or plink–they’re easy enough to do them as one button presses. Also, spacing may be an issue. Check on youtube, a lot of people have done the trials and you’ll get an idea on spacing and timing. If mk is not coming out at all, it’s probably because you’re pressing it too soon after Don’t feel discouraged if you can’t do those “beginner combos.” Some links in the game are hard. But if you learn them correctly right now, you’ll be better at getting those links off in bigger combos.

*double tapping is actually not a bad idea, but you kind of have to know even how to double tap and how to draw the line between that and mashing.

great that’s exactly the advice i was looking for! thanks so much! :bgrin: