SSFIV: How should I go about teaching a friend defense?


I have a friend who’s not too good at defense, but I’m pretty good at it. I’m trying to teach her defense. Right now she only blocks the obvious stuff like supers and ultras. Could someone tell me some training drills that we could use to help her be more defensive? If it matters, she uses Cammy and I use Ryu and we always play offline. Her offense is good, but she just needs to work on her defense. Thanks in advance.


I teach newbies defense by playing only with one move/button till they learn to defend against it and counter/punish it. Then I start adding more moves to my arsenal and repeat. eg. If they are weak against throws I throw them every chance I get. If they can’t handle x-ups I cross them up whenever I get the chance. etc etc

Something like this:

Laggy online play, but the concept is the same. It took my opponent about 10 matches to learn to basic wakeup defense (blocking). You can see afterwards I started adding more moves to my arsenal, but I still held back.

It’s better to learn to defend against one move/strat at a time IMO. For newer players I mean.


Well, it is not really a drill, but I used it for my defense at Tekken 6.
She shall focus on defensing without wasting any thought on her offense.
By that I mean she shall defend all the time(yes, she will lose everytime she is doing this, but this really improves her defense).
This has improved my defense significantly. Well, but this could only count for Tekken.
Hope that helps her:)


by learning block strings/tech throws & then countering moves/punishing them. :slight_smile:


If she is literally only blocking random supers/ultras, play a few matches with her where she is to do nothing but block and tech. Her goal should be to have a tie via timeout.


play marvel



Just keep punching her in the face on random and yell ALWAYS KEEP UR GUARD UP.


Punish everything with maximum punish. This is the best way to teach someone to defend themselves. If you are losing 250 life because you didn’t block right, you learn to block.


keep beating her until she learns how to block. you can come up with all these special gimmick matches where shes only allowed to block or whatever, but if she doesnt have the drive/interest to improve (which is fine) it’s never going to get you anywhere. you cant coddle someone into getting better, you beat them over and over and if they actually care about getting better they will start to improve, otherwise just play a different game.


I have come to appreciate these kind of things, even though I used to think of the first as nonsensical spamming


I normally teach people defense by showing them good pokes/normals and anti-air normals so that they stop spamming specials and start thinking a bit more of what they’re doing. They normally start getting a better overall feeling of the game and get better at reacting to different moves, and also makes them curious of what else the game has to offer.
Actually I think teaching people to properly use normal moves helps them get better in general.
And like ilitirit and Korbidon said, punishing people the hardest possible is the best way to show people they’re doing something wrong.


Technically this isn’t a drill… but it kinda is. Tell your friend to focus on anti-airing jumps with her normals. She should try to stay on the ground and focus on anti-airing with ground normals. Not only on reaction but also with anticipation. Show her (if you know) how doing certain things can make people antsy and jump. Like in the corner the opponent is likely to either jump up or over you. In a sense it’s just setting up your opponent to make a mistake, but what makes it part of defense is when you start to see why they can’t get in on you. There are bad distances and good distances and you should always be judging where you are and acting accordingly.

Blocking is cool too.