SSFIV: Hype Matches of 2011

Hey guys,

What do you guys think were the best matches of 2011 for SSFIV?
Anybody got a Top 5? Doesn’t have to be high profile matches. Fun matches would be good.
If there was an aware, i’d give it to Tokido with his Projector Pose.

Top 5 matches for SSFIV anyone?
Need something to watch over the Christmas break.


i dont really have a top 5, but that mago v mike ross match in australia? was hype as hell.

juicebox v shiro at evo 2011 - hype for me: watching the best US abel play the former best abel from japan (using makoto now)

latif v daigo evo 2011

latif v poongko evo 2011

i think my throat was sore from shouting so much during evo this year…

Didnt that happen last year though?

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