SSFIV I just can't win


I got the game about 2 months ago. Since then I’ve tried a few different characters giving each one a few weeks of practice and reading threads in the character specific forums but I almost always lose. I can do okay in arcade mode on medium but when I play against other people it doesn’t seem to matter if they’re a new player or have a lot of experience I can’t win.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong though. That’s the main problem because i feel like I’m always making the same mistakes. So if someone could help me out and maybe play a few matches with me and try to tell me what I need to do differently I would really appreciate it.

My psn is KeineZeit. Send me a message if you want to help.


I assume this is your first attempt at getting competitive in a fighting game. I don’t mean to be insulting, but chances are there are a lot of things wrong with your game right now. You can add me on PSN if you think it’ll help, but I really recommend seeking help from people in your local community:


pick. rog.


Things I’ve been trying to teach myself:

Tip #1: Block more. If you don’t know what to do, block. Especially on wakeup. (You’ll have to learn teching to avoid throws though.)

Tip #2: Use normals more. Learn their ranges and other properties. (all of them, not just sweep and jump-in heavy kick)

Tip #3: Try to learn to punish the other player’s mistakes with something that does real damage (not just a throw or a sweep). I’d win a lot more matches if I could teach myself to always punish with a proper combo when playing against those jumping-roundhouse-random-srk shotos I see in ranked. Especially since I main Dudley and he has a meterless punish combo that does just over 300 damage. It contains a 1-frame link though. (And jump back roundhouse feels like it’s impossible to punish even with EX Jet upper. :-()

Tip #4: Stay patient. I sometimes lose to online Kens/Ryus that retreat into a corner and start pumping to buffer an ultra if I jump and I still do it, thinking maybe they’ll screw up or something. (For some reason it’s really difficult to just go and walk up to them, even though it’s much safer.)


i know what you mean, when i first got this game i went on like a 30 loss streak but after spending lots of time in practice mode and seeing where i was making mistakes (watching replays of my losses) i was able to address many things. you can add me if you want to have some casuals.


you just need some guidance. best bet is to look for players in your region to help you out. there are tourneys and sessions going on all the time. you dont even have to go and play; just hang out and talk to people. if not, add people around there so you can play them online. use a mic so you can talk while you fight so you can learn during the matches. dont give up and just learn.


I’ll add you can we can practice sometime.


What character do you play? One of the biggest issues if that people have is that they are predictable. Only way to become unpredictable, or be less predictable at least, is to know your character. If you only trained with a character for a few days, or even a few weeks… chances are you only know a few tactics with them. Good players will notice your pattern and pick you apart. Once you get to know the in’s and outs with your toon, you’ll be able to free style your play, but it takes a lot of time and training.

My gamer tag is, Juicybags. I play Ken… not great ken, but my best toon overall. I can throw down a bit with balrog, bison, and even cody a bit, but those last 3 are pretty bad now days since I’ve been on a Ken rampage since the start of super. Just let me know what toon you want to face.


Thanks for all the responses. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few wins soon.


just played you. you got some work to do… but if you just have fun and learn from the people that you play, youll pick it up easy.


Listen to this guy cause this is what i was thinking. see playing a computer is completely different from a human being cause the computer’s have setup playing styles that they can’t change so when you play them you might have gotten so used to them that when you face the world that it will hinder you to the point where you become the predictable one this time.


can somebody please help me out on the 360? im so horrible its past the point of laughter. lost like 13 matches in a row tonight. maybe its cause i dont have an arcade stick but eff that. i cant afford one and im not committed to fighting games enough for that. if you got some time, help the kid get his combos and timing together.

gamertag is plain as day.