SSFIV in Washington Arcade?


Okay, I am going to toss this out here. So.really, how much interest is there within the player community to have an arcade version of SSF4 in the seattle/Tacoma area this November 1st?
Gauging interest, as the original SF4 did not really pan out for us in the end. The day it came out on console was game over for the arcade version for the most part. Opinions welcome!


I’d go to play it whether it was at Narrows OR Acme. A lot of us definitely appreciated when you got SFIV at Narrows, those days provided us lots of good memories and tournaments (won my first SFIV tourney there!).

The good thing this time around is that the game is already out on console and people are waiting on the arcade version since it will have things the console currently doesn’t (namely characters, gameplay tweaks, things of that nature). There’s been no word as for when this stuff would be added to the console version however, it is of my opinion that what’s ailing this scene is a lack of an arcade style environment.

Just my 2 cents.


I would enjoy a SSFIV Arcade machine in the Seattle/Tacoma area greatly.


As a person who totally missed out on the Narrows days and didn’t even get to play SF4 till it came out on console, I can say that if you were to get SSF4 Arcade, I would definitely make it out to play. In the past year (before SSF4 came out on consoles) I went to Acme a few times to play it and really enjoyed it. For me Narrows is pretty far out and I wouldn’t be able to frequently go there, but if you end up getting it and bring it to Acme I’ll definitely show up a few times a week.


I would go out my way to play the arcade version of SSF4. As long as you got some sanwa parts and the game, it’ll be popular.


I would definitely stop by and play it at least once a week, but as soon as the console version comes out, that’s it for me.


I don’t care how many busses I’d have to catch I’d try to go to a place weekly that has SSFIV AE. Sucks I missed out on the Narrows days already & I still go up to GW for Vanilla every now & then. Most likely would show up to a place two or three times if it was somewhere closer to Tacoma or


Monday night fights will never be the same, but if acme or narrows gets it again, then there is a good chance to ressurrect it. id go atleast once a week if they had it


If you get it in the southcenter location, you will have at least 1 guy coming there ever day during the month of December, and drinking a great deal (bowling place has drinks right?), it could possibly pay for itself!


you would have 2 guys drinking a great deal


my question is what would you need from the community to see that your investment into our passion meets your financial goal for the machine?
I can say it would be a great idea to have the machine @ say, Acme, because i work 2 miles away, and live 10 min away in Kent, but in an effort to appreciate what you are essentially doing for us, what kind of user traffic are you looking for, and for how long if i can ask?


honestly ACME would be the best place to have it, mainly because it’d be in the middle for the Tacoma scene, and the Seattle scene (give or take a few miles).

Now if there was a way to hold tournaments at ACME then we might be onto something. Pay to play of course because you have to get your money back. But I think that you would have people show up, and if by chance GW’s gets it, well most people would probably go to ACME except for Thursdays (that is of course if GW’s lets SSFIV be on the thursday free play)


I would be down, I would only make it now and then to be honest if I’m driving myself.
Otherwise, I would go all the time if I could carpool now and then.


is there a way you could put the new version into your existing cabinets bill? or do you have to buy a whole new setup? acme bowl would be a lot better location. id go play there over gameworks and im about halfway between both.

oh yeah acme bowl has a bar, so plenty of us could drink lol. and theres all kinds of places to eat around south center, like my personal favorites THE GOLDEN NUGGET, and RIVERSIDE CASINO


hell yea there needs to be a larger arcade scene in washington i would go in my free time


As long as you have a tech ready on days where people are fuckin up the sticks and buttons im down for acme but if gameworks get it majority of the time I’ll be there because it near my work and easy access for transportation

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Acme would be best, probably more revenue from randoms too. Is it a whole new kit, or a upgrade?


Thanks for all the comments. Still not sure if the old set up can be updated or if we have to get complete new boards. But we are considering the whole thing if we can afford to pull it off.


I would also go far out of my way to play SSF4 in the arcade. I used to hit up Narrows on my lunch breaks when I worked at the Home Depot just a few blocks away. I miss those days. I would hit up Acme every weekend if I could.


ill fix the sticks if they break. im not driving an hour to try to play on broken sticks.