I’ve recently come to attention to a cheap fighting stick, for WWE. Only at $30, I figured I’d buy another fighting game aswell. I am however worried about buying SSFIV, due to SFXT being brand new and perhaps people will abandon IV. Or knowing my luck, only the mighty skilled will stay to IV and I’ll have to deal with that problem. SFXT however, is rather expensive for me, since I can work a 50 dollars range or so, 80 bucks for both the arcade stick and the game would be a hassle.

So, what should I do?

SSFIV won’t be “abandoned” for SF x T. The player base may thin out a bit but there are still a lot of players playing SF. If you like the faster paced “vs” games go with SF x T but if you prefer SF style gameplay get SFIV.

Thanks for the answer!

ssf4 is really kinda like a home game for ssf4 players yes sfxt will be very popular and fun to play but they will never leave ssf4 its like the main game for us so its okey ssf4 wont be abandoned