SSFIV: Pick a new playstyle or just drop the game?

So, I used to have a pretty decent chun li since vanilla, but I took a very long break from the game, and I’m just pathetic with her compared to what I was. It just depresses me and I don’t really want to play her anymore. Usually I’m a really defensive (bait 'n punish) player and since 99% of online is rushdown whores I’m spending my entire time blocking and teching instead of trying to land shit. It makes trying to pick up someone new frustrating. I despise rushdown but since that seems to be the norm maybe I should try switching to a grappler and start from square one again. I thought about going pure zoning with someone like Sim but if the player is good all he needs is one knockdown to destroy you (not my cup of tea.)

tl;dr I hate my old char, want to learn a new playstyle, is it worth it at this point or should I just find a new game? Who’s the pure opposite of chun?

3s is calling you…

Actually for me it’s the opposite, most people will play defensive i’m always the one rushing.

Maybe that’s just your perspective, man. I get destroyed by the all the mixup and rushdown characters who won’t leave you alone for a goddamn second.

Really? lol

Do you really want us to answer this for you?

What I really want to do is play Alex in 3s but nobody will play with me :frowning:

DKhai, like I told u, if you going to play defensive, you must know your spacing and footsies, it’s essential. IF you don’t want rushdown in ur face, learn whiff punishes on matchups to keep them out and have combos that aren’t necessarily for damage, but more to create space. sum up what i just said: LEARN FOOTSIES

If you had to ask this question, then it DOES mean you need to drop the game. Trust me, I just know, from a lot of people I’ve talked to. You’ll never be content with the way the game has progressed.

If you liked vanilla Chun, then you might want to try out Maple Story or Farmville.

why do people always want to play alex in 3s


Coz he looks really cool

i think you should do what you want

In every match there’s going to someone that takes the more offensive approach while the other will play more defensively. It sounds to me as if you turtle a lot so your opponent has no choice but to take the offensive role. But if you want to play a character that’s the complete opposite of Chun, then go with Cammy or Makoto. Chun relies a lot on her good normals so you can zone and play a slow paced game with her. Cammy and Makoto need to constantly apply pressure mixups in Makoto’s case, to win so it’s the complete opposite with them. So if you’re looking for a drastic change from Chun I say play one of those two.

Play Viper.

LOL… that was GDLK

Theres your problem. Stop playing online and just play actual people. Getting frustrated by losing/having a hard time online isn’t worth it…at all.

play marvel

I don’t care for SSF4, personally.
But giving up just because you’re out of practice? Come on.
A good, long set with a decent player will fix that in a single evening. Don’t be lazy.

pick a new play style.

ill play 3s on ggpo with you

im not very good and i dont have anyone to play regularly

PM me and maybe we can get some matches in