SSFIV: Recommend me a beginner character

Hi, the title says it all. I’m pretty new to fighting games and I really enjoy the Street Fighter series. Who do you guys think is the most “noob friendly” character in this game? The character I liked was C. Viper but after some research have learned that she is definitely not someone a beginner should attempt to try and pick up first. So, who do you guys think are some pretty friendly characters for noobs like myself?

1st thing you need to know is are you better at doing charge moves or quarter circle motion?

*FYI charge characters are easier to use

Quarter Circle motions for sure. I have not really learned the charge characters but I am definitely willing to give both a try.

I recommend Cammy. She doesn’t exactly need to rely on long combo strings for wins and for the most part her combos are pretty easy to get down. She has great wake up (although very punishable if baited) and beats basically anything in the air with her air grabs/cannon spike/and some of her normals as well. She closes distance well and is great at pressuring. Be careful though she can be punished on a lot of blocked cannon drills and cannon spikes due to recovery. She doesn’t have much problems against fireball spammers as she has a handful of options to get around them including her Ultra and Supers.

For a Charge Character I recommend Chun Li, very easy to learn up front but has enough advanced stuff for you to learn as you get better. Her normals are very good, like her Fierce Punch. Ultras are really easy to learn to combo into in multiple ways. She can confuse opponents with overhead and cross ups very easily. Has an air throw which can be pretty helpful against overly jump happy opponents. Her Fireball isn’t like the rest of the Shoto’s but that is fine, it has a good purpose in being slow enough that most of the time you can just walk or dash in behind it while being relatively safe. Check out some videos and read up on her.

Thanks a lot. Cammy is definitely getting a try and I will do some reading up on Chun Li too. What do you guys think about Zangief/Ken? Those are two characters I’m also definitely interested in.

Cammy is good all around, if you like her playstyle.
Chun Li will give you a good idea about spacing and normals.
Zangief will give you an excellent idea about spacing and up-close mixup
Ken is a decent up-close fighter and has significantly been buffed in AE. He is difficult to play well, but has a high reward when he does get in.

Look in the character threads for guides and you can post in the general discussion for those characters and ask for help.
Most importantly, beginners should pick a character they enjoy, not create a thread like this and ask folks who they should pick.
It defeats the purpose of exploring the game for yourself, and you may be forcing yourself to play someone who you don’t enjoy and the game won’t be fun.

why don’t your try Ryu.

Gief will teach you both patience and punishment. You’ll learn to relax and let them come to you when you have the life lead and you’ll learn how to punish people with SPDs for making mistakes while trying to avoid your SPDs.

Ken can teach you about footsies, spacing, and help with some basic combo timing.

If you don’t have AE yet, DO NOT get used to using a tatsu move (ryu, ken) to escape as that doesn’t work anymore in AE.

Chun-Li for a charge
Ken for a shoto
Gief for a grappler

ryu… god of basics

There seems to be a fear of picking a bad character for new people. I know I fretted about it a lot. Eventually I starting figuring (after talking with people) that as a new player what I needed most was time playing while time having fun. The character thing seems to work itself out in the long run… after execution, game systems, basic theory, developing a play style, and other things all get worked out.

Say, if you classify Ken as a shoto, Chun-Li as a charge, and Zangief as a grappler, then how would you classify Juri?
Just wondering. Would anyone recommend Juri for a beginner player?

I don’t find Juri a very beginner friendly character. Main reason is that her combo strings are hard to time, but she does have good basic normals and speed. I’d learn a shoto character before moving out and go soul-searching for another one.

There are a lot of characters that can teach you a lot about different aspects of the game. Ryu can teach you a lot about footsies, Cammy can teach you a lot about links and etc.

most of us hopped on the ryu and ken train. Pretty basic motions for their moves and links. After that, decide what kind of player you want to be. Do you want to be aggressive? passive? wait for mistakes? play long range? do alot of damage? I main ken, although he’s really basic to pick up he has really good mixup game, so thats why I use him, and he’s full of tricks.

Lol i was the same way too back when i first picked up the game, but i just went with it. Even though she was a difficult character to learn i had a lot of fun

All fighters in this game are easy to play really its just this is a really hard question to answer what do you mean by easy or noob friendly like easy mix ups or easy combos or just easy motions on specials?

But on a different note all characters can be learned and played to a good extent for new players. Just as you progress your play style will change with that character especially seeing how others play the character. like ryu for example from a new players view is very appealing a meaty shoryuken, good pokes, good fireball, and the SPIN KICK! As i used to call it about 12 years ago… but from a veteran’s view they see ryu as well various things, they start to see the frame advantages to all his normals, specials, and recovery off his fireball and use that to make some seriously damaging corner traps and combos.

Continuing on just pick a character get used to the range of the normals or pokes. Figure out if your character has multiple normals if you do directions and the normal. then get on to specials see the range they have per button if one button does more damage or has a different property (causes a new affect like armor breaking, hits on crouched, etc. this should also apply to the normals checking). then learn the target combos if your character has any. after that get used to your super some do different things based on what button you pressed after the inputs (IE: fei longs range on his super). then learn your ultra as your probably have seen coming but learn what they do first and how you can make some good setups for it (DO NOT WAKE UP ULTRA) and try to combo them in as much as you can ( if your ultra has cinematic usually that means more damage so you must figure out how to get into it some cant IE: fei long, ken, yang).

hope this gives you a better idea on how to learn street fighter :slight_smile:

it was ryu in vanilla
it’s still ryu now

pick who you want and learn them to their fullest or start with ryu. his tools are balanced in a way where he can play at all ranges.

So here’s my advice: Pick characters you think are cool or unique at first. Learn basics with them and then try a new character. The more play styles you test, the quicker you will learn who fits you. And if you find you suck with a character right away, give them a bit, because I know I sucked with Abel at first and now he is my main.

The more you learn of the game as a whole, the more you will learn of what works for you. I tend to lean towards the Grapplers for their slower play and high damage output from single moves instead of having to hit the opponent alot.

I tend to think the Shotos (Ryu/Ken) are a good start due to their forgiving nature when it comes to learning fundamentals. But don’t neglect characters such as Sakura because they appear weaker then say, Ryu. I for one am alot more dangerous with her then I will ever be with Ryu.

What I’m getting at is: Beginners need to focus on the game as a whole rather then a specific character. Learn the fundamentals and after that start focusing on specific characters.

Chose one
Balrog= Basics, Mixup, Super Easy to use. Teaches you: Zoning, Mixup, Invincibility frames, Pressure game. I used Balrog when I was learning super.
Blanka: He’s super easy and since his combos are simple you might end up loving him.
Just grab anyone and they will be your beginner character. Like Oni for instance isn’t a beginner character ,but the thing about it is no one knows how to use him so then that means that I just build up what I want him to be and he becomes my character. Your beginner character could be random select. :slight_smile:

In all fairness its taken me a very long time to find the characters that are right for me.
I started Vanilla/ super with Akuma. His special moves are what made me interested in him. I realised I wasnt getting anywhere with him though. His low heath is why I would not recommend him for begginers, and I just had trouble getting in and dealing damage.
I guess it made me think of going for more of a turtle approach and so I tried out guile. He seemed ok and worked out briefly but I didnt like his style at the end of the day.
Going to the other end is choosing Dudley. As a character he is one of my favourites. His playstyle again probs isnt for newer players and I guess I still lack the experience but I enjoy using him and love the character so much I have kept him as my alternate character.
Last character I went for and stuck with is Fei long. After grasping more concepts of the game I could finally use a character that didnt work out for me in vanilla even though I liked him alot. I guess he is the punisher and can also be aggressive when he needs to be - sort of mixing in styles.

After all this story telling I can say I think you should take your time and try not to keep in your mind that the character you choose first is your last. Try to pick the different playstyles so you know which you like and then choose your favourite character that suites that style.