SSFIV session located near SJSU

Updated Info

Hey guys another session heading you away. My ps3 yellow lighted. So i don’t have a set up atm. if anyone wants to bring a PS3 you would greatly appreciated. I have all cords/ 1 stick +SSFIV game.

Aug 20-4 PM

PM for details.

Hey my name is Peter Herr and I am going have a session at my house training up for the 5v5 battle of the bay event. I don’t have a car so I can’t make it to any of the other major session but any sort of real competition other is better than my laggy PSN. Even if your not going to participate in the 5v5, some casual are still good! Get Hype Norcal

I have 2 set up, both running on ps3. but only 1 stick. So Please bring your own stick and can probably have another set up running if anyone can bring maybe a xbox+plus crt or something. lol

I can probably have a total of 15 heads. So PM me for details.

  1. Me
  2. Dante
  3. Karlo

Im down add me onto that list. See you all theerree

i’m therrree

Alright leveling up! get hype son! i got a projector running lets play on the big screen…LOL

LOL, it doesn’t lag? and where the hell did you get that from?

count me in peter…send me your address in an instant message

i have a ps3 as well so i can bring that

PM sent and i played on it last night didnt feel any lag. it was pretty good.

Projectors are pretty ballin.

x2 to what dante said…diago knows best lol…

We money matching on the projector screen now?

yeah 20 bucks on the line on the big screen. you ready?

20? i thought it was 10 lol

Another session this friday, updated info.

peter count me in…i get off at 4 ish…i can swing through after…i have my two sticks…TE S and SE with Swapped Sanwa parts on it…i can bring my slim if you need to

yeah please do wiith a copy of the game. THANKS!

whats the head count so far peter?

so far its only you and me… so i dont know right now

Hey peter is it cool if i come by tomorrow for the session.
I can bring my xbox stick if you ACTUALLY want to play sf2 on computer loll.

SORRY GUYS! but this has been cancel. some shit came up. sooo no more session. sorry again =/