Ssfiv: Stick or Pad?

im debating whether or not to get a stick. pad is good but i cant get my combos out but on my friends stick it works perfectly. but i think if i practice more i will get better. so what do think? need help on deciding.

The overwhelming majority of people here will tell you stick.

Also, read the sticky on sticks.

Most people here will say Stick, including me. But keep in mind, when you first get a stick, there is a learning curve. You won’t be as good as you were with your pad for a week or two.

For almost 2 years I played third strike on a ggpo with a keyboard. I got my arcade stick about 2 monthes ago and in some things I still can’t do things as efficiently as I did on a keyboard. Some things I find way easier now, but keep in mind that you’ll need to go back to some basics if you get a stick, from shoryuken motions (especially reverse ones!) to half circles, double quarter circles and 360s.

That said, if you feel the money (and time) invested on the stick will be worth it, by all means, get it.

thanks guys for the help.

there is most definitely a learning curve with a stick. but if you wish you could always put an octo. gate in it. A stick will always give you better control and accuracy with any fighting game. In the end its your decision though. If you decide to get a stick just get a cheap one like SF4 SE and see if you like it and if you do you cna mod it with Sanwa or Seimitsu parts.

Read the stickies

Get a stick

Don’t look back

Joystick FTW!

exactly what I did, just do it and don’t look back. Though if you get an SE and like the concept of a stick but dislike the stick itself do not hesitate at all to mod it.

def pad. only way to get true direction

Pad is the best. Real men use pad. I’m not saying this because I can’t afford a stick either!

Although, watching Inthul play did give me a bit of inspiration to keep padding.

First played on the arcade stick back in the SF2 WW/ Samurai Showdown 2 days but when i finally owned SF2 for SNES, i sticked with the pad till now

Get a Stick.