SSFIV TE Good Condition 100$

I am simply selling a SSFIV TE Arcade stick for 100$ and 90$ if you win the betting system on Ebay here is the link for it on eBay.

If you have special arrangements or want to offer me something for trade offs, I would gladly bargain with you. I am looking to build a sound card for my Computer that has DTS Connect and (Dolby Digital Live) DDL features on it. So, that is where the money is going anyway. Thank you all in advance. = D

would you ship to Toronto (canada)?

Yea, of course! It will be my first time shipping anything anywhere, So I have the original box and all that jazz to keep it safe. I would like to keep close contact with you to make sure you get this stick as quickly and safely as possible. = D

Yea, I checked it out. I’m sorry with the late reply, but school just hammered me with responsibility. It should be around 10$ and anything else, I will pay out of my own pocket. = D Thanks mate in advance.

still for sale?