SSFIV Tournament [1st Set]

Welcome to Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Event.

Are you ready to test your ultimate skills against other players around the globe. Well, it is time to prove that statement.

Register Ends Sunday (May 2nd, 2010) and Kicks off Monday (May 3rd, 2010) and Ends Saturday (May 8th, 2010). Finals should be hopefully on Saturday and will be stream and recorded.


Best 3 out of 5
US Regions
All Characters are allowed.
Winners must stick with the same character.
Losers may change their character.

In-Game Name:
MSN Provided:
AIM Provided:

Ventrilo Server Coming Soon so we can all be in a party and communicate much faster.

Rules Updated? Suggestion for tournament? Team Tournament?

All feedback are welcome at :]

Happy Gaming and enjoy your copy of Super Street Fighter IV. :karate:

:lp::lp::r::lk::hp: SHOSH