SSFIV Tournament - Bloomingdale, IL - April 30th


Just heard about this tournament, it is just a release tournament for the game. Free Entry and a 40$ value prize (no cash :frowning: ) The prizes are a SSFIV fight pad, free copy of the game, or 40$ gift-card to gamestop.

From what the guy was saying its going to be a simple tournament and wasn’t sure if he is going to run single or double elim. Supposedly this isn’t a gamestop wide tournament, just at this specific store.

Seems like if you looking to come out and play some super street fighter in public and hang out for a bit this is the place to be.

Start time is 7pm and is going to be played on 360 with regular microsoft controllers only.

GameStop - Mall 1943
(630) 893-3370
Stratford Square
Bloomingdale, IL 60108