SSFIV Tournament - Bloomingdale, IL - April 30th


Just heard about this tournament, it is just a release tournament for the game. Free Entry and a 40$ value prize (no cash :frowning: ) The prizes are a SSFIV fight pad, free copy of the game, or 40$ gift-card to gamestop.

From what the guy was saying its going to be a simple tournament and wasn’t sure if he is going to run single or double elim. Supposedly this isn’t a gamestop wide tournament, just at this specific store.

Seems like if you looking to come out and play some super street fighter in public and hang out for a bit this is the place to be.

Start time is 7pm and is going to be played on 360 with regular microsoft controllers only.

GameStop - Mall 1943
(630) 893-3370
Stratford Square
Bloomingdale, IL 60108


no ones going to want to go play on pads, tell them they are being stupid for not letting people bring sticks.


Its gamestop, its just for fun. They arent promoting besides in store promotions. Chill out and come have some fun if you want. If not, why post and make yourself seem important?


Yeah I want to be important…all I was saying is that “rule” where people cant bring sticks is completely idiotic when you are posting on a site where MOST of the people play to compete. That is all…I think its great that they are running tournaments of course, but pad only thing doesnt do anyone anything but help out some of the local mashers who want to mash away on pads or something.


agreed. :blush: