SSFIV Which character to choose


Yo everyone,

I’m not exactly a newbie, more of a lazy saikyo student buahahahahha…

As of right now, I am looking for a new character to use => main, but I don’t know the whole cast perfectly yet. And by that, I mean numbers…lol, and i dont really want to check one by one each character, so I’m hoping people maining different chars or knowing chars blahblah…would help me.

So, I am looking for a char that :

  • Can zone/poke (one or both) at least decently
  • Has better_than_decent/great punish:
    @ With a bar of super (FADC combos, raw super, etc…)
    @ Without a bar of super (with and/or without the use of focus attack)
    @ With Ultra not only as a raw punisher, but also maybe as a damage extender that is profitable (comboing into it meterless, etc…)
  • Can combo from hit confirm that can do more than 40 damage…x)

Hmm…that’s all i can think of for the moment… I dont know if I am in the good section though lol.
So, if execution wasnt a barrier, who would fit that role better?


With your criteria, I would say at least half the cast.

But honestly, ryu keep popping into my head.


I edited my post…x)
Can you name me a great punish that Ryu has that doesn’t start with solar plexus?
Can you name me a character that has a punish that does the same or better damage?


sagat can trade TU with a jump in attack and land ultra after forward HK. and can zone very well either that or ryu


Pick Ryu.


Pick your favorite character.


What do you consider “a great punish”?. Yea I can definitely name a lot of characters that have better damage but sure as hell won’t have all the other shit.


Pokes and punishes well? I’m thinking Fei. Relatively low HC dmg but he nails the other parts pretty well.


Damaging and landable…(cant find any other word lol).
For example… after a blocked lp shoryuken from ken, what can Ryu do? Fei long can do f+HK xx super for 500 damage Guy can dash U2 for 500 damage too. And those are mid-screen.
Now without meter, what can Fei long do? HK chicken wing, s.hp xx HK flame kick for 368 damage. Guy can do cl.HK, Bushin Gokusaken for 284 damage, or cl.HK, TC xx Run Slide for 269 damage BUT leading to a safe jump (which is the best option of the 2) => this is a great punish. Some damage plus a safe jump option to continue pressuring, which is Guy’s playstyle.

And…The points I stated…I wasnt looking for a character that have at least one of them…I want a char that has them all lol

He’s also an example of great punish, for example, akuma teleports, what can Ryu do? Fei long can Rekka him, Guy can Run slide.


Dhalsim is a fun zoner imo, xx light flame is a decent punish and his combos are pretty easy


Gouken can do 400+ damage off 1 bar blocking an lp srk. And pretty much any char can ultra/super punish for a lot of damage. Technically Boxer could punish lp srk with final TAP + super for 800+ damage.
Damage is not a good way of assessing how good it is, unless you are playing Yang or something, if you can punish and it’s a combo, it’s generally good enough.
How landable? Ryu has one of the best ways to land his ultra. J mp, ex tatsu in corner, crmk FADC fb, SRK FADC. His super starts up incredibly fast. A lot of characters have their options shut down once ryu get super stocked. 3 fr SRK that has very good range for what it is for a decent chunk of damage. Ryu gets a safe jump everytime he combos into sweep, which is comboable from cr and st jabs. Good luck landing full HK chicken wing. Ryu’s super or fb can get Akuma on a bad tele.

You want a char that can do almost everything? That’s Ryu. There is no character that can do everything and do it really well without sacrificing something else. Deal with it. Or you could go Akuma or Seth and take the low health route. You say you don’t “know” a lot of the characters. Then why are you questioning the advice? Just take it or leave it.


Dude, what combo do you use with Gouken to do 400+ damage with 1 bar to punish a blocked lp shoryu? J.HP, HP xx EX palm dash, palm dash does 411 damage…

What options do they have after that damage? You really think every char can do 500+ damage combo off a blocked lp shoryu from Ken?

Landable… And you can’t punish a blocked lp shoryu with the TAP…

Punish…some combos makes you loose the momentum… Like with Gouken, if you end your EX palm dash with a dash, Tatsumaki Gorasen, you can’t do anything after that…Even if you do 39 more damage…it isn’t the best option.
What i meant with ‘great punish’ wasn’t only damage…

Do you really anti-air with J.MP? unless you predict a jump from your opponent…it’s kinda hard to land it… And I don’t like to jump…
cr.MK xx hadoken FADC ultra? there are more damaging combos… And don’t tell me you hit confirm your cr.MK xx hado to U1 lol…
What do you do after you land your super? Nothing…except 2 shoryus and a hado to regain meter cuz you blew it up, and you can’t pressure anymore.
Except for anti-airing, and corner combos, I rarely use the shoryuken… Gets baited so easily, and, you can’t do anything after it in a mid-screen combo.
He can combo into his sweep from his too, and it leads to a safe jump, that is a nice option.

By landable I mean… A combo that can be used to punish not only big mistakes, but also smaller ones, and still leads to an option/deal a decent amount of damage, and not reset the pace of the match.

I want the char that can do what I stated the best… Or the names of some… And to do that, you have to have a good knowledge of all characters, about all their possible options, max punish, max damage, play-style.

I ‘know’ all the characters…I dont know them perfectly…

Which advice? I see no advice… all I saw in this thread was ‘pick Ryu’, ‘Ryu’, ‘pick your favorite char’… Those are only suggestions…
The Sagat advice…he has no really damaging combos up-close…which isnt his main point.
For Fei-long…I’m still learning things with him…
But, it takes me something like 2 weeks or so to really grasp what a character can possibly do. and i dont want to spend a year just to find a character that i’ll use.

Maybe I should’nt have posted in the newbie section…lol Or maybe I’m a newbie and I don’t know it…XD


It sounds like you’d like Cammy. :coffee:


I say pick Ryu, because honestly, I get tired of coming up with different answers for these “help me pick a character” type threads. He’s a perfect character because he’s initially easy to play and easy to pick up, but very complex and difficult to master. He’s the jack of all trades and master of none. He has all the tools he needs to win any match, no matter how favorable or unfavorable, and his basic design as a character, across a variety of games, is largely considered one of the best in competitive fighting game history.

Also, he perfectly fits all of your requirements for a character.

And if you weren’t looking for suggestions, then what are you asking? Your original post sounds like it was asking for help selecting a character, which involves us giving you suggestions.

tl;dr Pick Ryu.


If you don’t want to answer, why do you even do it? Did you even read what I was looking for? If you don’t want to help, don’t burry me deeper xD

I’m not asking for a char that can do everything perfectly.

Have you ever played against a very good Dhalsim? Or a very good Guile?

I know he fits all my requirements…but I want the best of the combined. Plus, there are a lot of things that he can’t punish without super/ultra.

Advices…Or suggestions+stats+numbers+options+situations. Like the example with Guy, that can punish for example Akuma’s teleport with the run slide on reaction, while Ryu cannot, + I gave his max damage punish that leads to the best option he has ie:a safe jump from 269 damage.
Now that I think of it… What I am asking is not very clear…to be simple, I want a list of what all chars can punish, not only from point blank, but also from farther.
But that can also poke/zone decently.
Right now I’m thinking of Ibuki…She has a loop that can start from her bnb, that leads to her vortex.
She can punish many things for nice damage that leads to a good option, and has a grab ultra that does 501 damage
But, I’m still wondering if her poking game is decent enough…

I wasn’t asking for random names that you throw because you’re tired of people asking the same thing, cuz there has been a ton of thread that asked a character with my requirements, if so I’m sorry then…

If you dont want to read…why bother answering? ><

Thank you anyway for the answer.


As for your original post, you stated you’re looking for a new character, don’t know the entire cast yet, you want numbers (whatever that means), and you’re looking for a character that doesn’t have overly complex execution requirements, can zone and have a decent ground game, and high damaging punishes in a variety of situations. Ryu fits this in spades.

I answer because it’s a valid answer and gets straight to the point. Pick Ryu. He’s a great character to choose for a variety of reasons, primarily due to the facts that his skill set force you build upon your basic fundamental skills in all aspects, and has no overly abusive tool to get them easy mode wins.

I never said he does everything perfectly. I said he’s a jack of all trades, master of none. This means he’s a well-rounded character who has no overly glaring weakness, but he has no singular strength either. All of his special moves possibly contain risk, none of which are by any means the absolute best special in comparison to other character’s versions, his ground game is decent but has no single dominating poke or attack that he can use, etc etc.

I have played against good Dhalsim and good Guiles. Dhalsim is a tough match, and it’s definitely in his favor, but it’s still winnable. It requires that you put some effort into studying the matchup, and strong observational skills, combined with a good sense of how to utilize Ryu’s normals, but it’s still winnable. Ryu has no matchups where he will just absolutely get destroyed. And imo, Ryu v. Guile isn’t that bad of a match. I would say it’s even. You’re forced to rely on a better fireball game, understanding when you have advantage or disadvantage, feeling the momentum of the match, and utilizing a solid ground game, combined with deadly mix-ups on Guile’s wake-up game. It’s definitely not a match where you can just brainlessly jump at Guile, it forces the Ryu player to adopt a more methodical and tactical approach to landing damage on Guile.

Ryu can throw an EX fireball in reaction to Akuma’s teleport. If I can react to his teleport with Ibuki’s neckbreaker, Ryu’s fireball is no issue if you’re prepared for it.

As an Ibuki player, I can tell you that she has decent pokes, but it’s nothing to cry home about. Her combo options actually don’t do much damage, but they lead to UKO and build meter, which every Ibuki player strives for. Initially her kunai vortex and wake-up mixups seem unstoppable, but smart players know how to counter the kunai options as well as how to block it, which forces Ibuki to instead use her unblockables and ambiguous cross-ups. This is all dependent on getting that knockdown. While she’s on her feet, she has a few options to land the knockdown, but it’s not easy, and requires extremely strong ground-game, defensive game. Her ultra1 is primarily used as a form of frame trap, since everyone can simply jump out of her grab ultra if they’re not doing anything. You can also combo into it, but it’s extremely difficult, and used for flash. Contrary to popular belief, she isn’t a “brain-dead easy win” character once you start playing against guys at the high-intermediate level and beyond.


Wrong, I stated I wanted a new character to main.

Wrong, I said I didn’t know the whole cast perfectly, I was talking about everybody’s best options, play-style etc…

Talking about the damage.


Decently damaging punishes that leads to different options in different situations, and doesn’t reset the pace of the match where the opponent could take the advantage.


, I was asking for the BEST option, not ONE valid option.


And what can he do after that? nothing…while Ibuki’s neckbreaker lets her keep the momentum.

After that blocked lp shoryu, she can do :, xx lk.tsumuji, far.lp, xx neckbreaker, it does 340 damage, builds meter, leads to her safe jump/kunai vortex. But…I dont find 340 to be bad, damage wise…Abel’s tornado throw ‘only’ does 200.

Just like smart player knows how to counter safe jumps…By just blocking. That doesn’t make Ryu’s sweep, nor Guy’s run slide a bad option.

That’s where her pokes come in.

Her Ultra1 is a 2 frame grab. It can punish things that can’t be punished with her normals, anihilates safe jumps on her

Thanks for the answers.



Edit: Try this, hit the random button and play some people. Youre picking a main not a combo meal, do some research and trial an error. One of the first posters was right, these threads are clutter.


Start from using Ryu then transition to other guys… its your choice


“Hey gaiz, help me out, I have a laundry list of criteria”
“Suggestions suggestions suggestions”

Cool story, bro.