SSFIVAE: Battle Challenges (?)


Was watching the recent 5-man team tourney from Japan (Starting Over: Order and Chaos), and couldn’t help but notice a series of Battle Challenges that added to CP/Zeny after each match, kind of like how KoF XIII’s arcade mode does it.

Since it seems to only be for the card system, maybe only Japanese players care about it, but I thought it looked interesting. With some luck from Google, I managed to find this page:

I can translate some of it, but if there’s already been efforts made, or people who want to help, that would be great. Thanks


No help from me but a question to you: I can’t read or understand a word Japanese, but I always wondered what those CP/Zeny are and how there are awarded?


Zeny is the currency Capcom uses within its games, I think/guess you can use it to buy costumes/what-not for your arcade character.

CP = Championship points. Has to do with Tournament Mode.

I got the first bunch of Battle Challenges translated, except for one Note I can’t understand (some of them seem to be written as though someone is talking to the player, almost like Ono dropping hints at stuff) Pretty much all of them are already achievements in the home version, though one refers to the ranking system, and one is for knocking your opponent down.