SSFIVAE for Noobs

I’m pretty salty right now. I haven’t won a single match on ranked in AE and it’s all because im a complete beginner and i can’t get paired with anyone my skill level. I have only been playing this game for a week at best. I’m looking for some people around the same skill level as me that would like to play on XBL. If you’d like to add me, my gamertag is Cheezleteez. I think it would be alot better to play this way because getting slaughtered over and over doesn’t really teach you that much. But playing with someone on you’re skill level teaches both players at a faster rate, feeding off each others improvements if you will.

Read the posts, watch the videos, and apply it to your own game.

While you’re at it, check out the other stickied posts, it could be helpful to you.

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Dude, this is a MEAN SPIRITED community. I’m not new but I’m not great either, and I regularly am bodied by people with tactics that I just don’t/can’t get around. They are comforatable to just repeat it over and over again. It’s pretty sad. I’m willing to help you out if you want to play some games, shoot me an invite, I’ll at least help out if I can.

How is that mean spirited? This is a competitive fighting game where there is only one winner and one loser, and most people aren’t going to willingly lose to you, nor should you want them to. If you’re losing to a repetitive pattern, then they have found your weakness, and you have to put in the work to figure out how to counter that strategy.

Yeah, if we were in a tournament I would agree completely, and I don’t want anyone to let me win.

I am playing endless mode for fun and to learn some characters, yes I want to win sometimes, hell, I’m even happy with a close loss! When I have removed people from the rooms that I created (because they destroyed me or repeated some tactic that I admittedly was not good enough/smart enough/patient enough to figure out), I got hate mail from them telling me I suck. NO KIDDING, compared to you I do, you just beat me.

By your rationale, he was doing me a favor by frustrating the living crap out of me. Then you get the guy who will just stand there and have you trapped - prime example tonight I’m using Zangief against a Seth. At the end of the round he was ahead on power, I was down, he kept throwing sonic booms and then the stretch arms, and i was just trapped. When I stopped doing anything he taunted, when I walked towards him not blocking so he could kill me, he played keep away… I mean, come on, if you think this isn’t a mean spirited community, you’re obviously very good at the game, or have a good group of people to play with. I have found a group to play with but none of them were online tonight. For a newcomer or a non-tournament/casual player it’s really not easy to get into.

Let me add that I shouldn’t blanket statement and say that ALL in the community are mean spirited, but a good majority that I have come across in my experience were.

Are your experiences primarily limited to online play? If so, dude, it’s the internet. There are TONS of trolls out there, all of which have a variety of different skill levels, and none of which you’re probably going to meet in real life. They’re idiots, you have to learn to ignore their shit when they generally taunt you, or straight up out-play you. It’s up to you to harden up your mental state, identify the gaps and holes in your games, and work to improve those in a specific manner. These players rarely exist in the offline setting, which I would argue, is a better representation of the what the community is.

Facing superior players to you, regardless of whether or not they’re nice or being an asshole, is going to benefit you as long as you’re able to take individual situations and micro-analyze them. You don’t improve as a player by playing against people you’re comfortable with, you improve when you face a seemingly insurmountable plateau in your level of improvement, and you really have to strive to push past that point.

If you experience stuff like that again, then instead of kicking the guy from the lobby immediately send him a message asking him if he has any advice for you about how to get around it. You could also just ask on here about getting around tactics you have difficulty with.

  1. The FGC isn’t a mean spirited community at all. If your statement held any proof behind it then EVO would be the biggest scam of all time.

  2. Newcomers of all walks of life go down this road. Hell, I recently picked up SF4 just to dabble with it and I get scrubbed out because of lacking exp. ,fundamentals, and other things. I don’t go on SRK to talk shit about the community that we all share together. Yes, the road is hard but eventually you come to decided for yourself if this game is for you or not. IF its not the game for you then I guess you can return it or put the game down for a bit till you are ready to try again.

  3. Pressure: Fighting games are about applying pressure on the other guy till he wises up and figures out how to get out of the trap. Yes, Street Fighter has frame traps but they can get out of if you are smart.

  4. Online: You will run into all walks of life on the web. They might scrub you with DPs or projectiles but its apart of the game. IF you get hit over and over and over then sit back and go to the lab. A smiple recording of hadokens,tiger shots,etc and playback will help FA threw them or play the fireball game. No need to be douche and kick them from your room. You will actually learn a thing or two from some one scrubbing you out because it teaches you about the game. IF you are getting DP’d as they wake up then back off or block.

  5. As someone else post’d great tool for anyone

  6. Hate Mail : IF you get some msg saying “U suk azz at dis gaM3” Translated: You suck ass at this game. You can either respond with a hateful msg or you report it. I think my most sent out response for when someone gets salty and throws that salt my way is “U mad bro?” I would suggest saying that because you are being a troll but its my style.

  7. Practice,practice,practice

Play to win. If you are getting destroyed online the only advice is this: get better.

Sounds harsh but that’s the reality of it.

Post some videos of your matches and you can get some good feedback about areas to improve.


You can’t get around a simple pattern so you kick the people that beat you out of the room? LOL you’re a really sore loser and these games probably aren’t for you if that’s the way you react to a situation like that. Toughen up man. You won’t get any where if you rage quit over someone beating you with a simple projectile pattern. You really want people to let you win if they kick your ass too many times in a row? Come on.

To the OP:

Read this. reading it, apply it.

Remember, in a FG there really isn’t a “cheap” or “dishonourable” tactic. The objective is to win and as long as you do so within the rules outlined by the game (not using game breaking bugs, etc) everything is fair.

^ Exactly. There is no “cheap.” You play to win. People aren’t obligated to go easy on you because you suck. When I read your post I literally couldn’t believe what I had just read.

It’s funny when these threads turn into the Telephone Game :D.

All the OP is looking for is fellow beginners to play online with, which is a reasonable request here in the Newbie Dojo. I understand that all the “RAWRPLAY2WIN!!” stuff is aimed toward what KempoMan has posted, but let’s not drag the OP into it; he’s using this subforum for its intended purpose.

You’re right, I can’t really argue with that. OP was totally reasonable. Tbh Kempoman made me rage a little though haha.

Totally agree with this. Basically the problem is with Capcom’s rating system—until you can maintain 500+pp your PP rating is inflated and you can easily get paired with a player who is similar in PP but will destroy you every time. Also for some people selecting “same skill” won’t match up their PP, although I haven’t had this second problem.

I really hope Capcom fixes their rating system at the low end, at least for SF5. Besides helping players, it would make good commercial sense for them because their customers wouldn’t just get frustrated and quit—it would really grow the community.

Sup OP, I’m not exactly a begginer but I’m not particularly good game either. Add Beefjavelin on XBL and i’ll be happy to chat and play some endless with you, try pass a bit of my experience on to you :slight_smile:

I feel your pain with the rating system though though i don’t think a better way exists to measure player skill. The game has a really steep learning curve once you learn the basics and a big gap exists between good players and bad players who play well enough to beat newer players such as you before getting beaten again by the good players.

You get stuck in a sort of limbo between good and new players and it takes some serious effort to progress.

I feel your pain OP, I didn’t even realize I had a FG scene in my area until a couple months ago. I used to play online and with my friends all the time because those were the only ways I could play the games I love. I went to where my scene plays every week and played for three hours straight I won three games. I’m never one to not have fun or get really pissy about losing but man I was extremely disheartened after that. It wasn’t like the guys there were dicks or anything they were really cool and friendly but who’s gonna have fun getting their ass kicked for three hours straight? I guess really for any beginner in a FG you really just have to do two things get your ass repeatedly kicked to the point where you don’t want to play/it isn’t fun then try to get better through analyzing why you got your ass kicked and two lock yourself in your room and practice combos and set ups till your blue in the face neither are really fun at all but its tough. Basically beginning in any kind of fighting game sucks ass and isn’t fun because you’re gonna lose and really badly, its integral in why you become better even though sometimes it seems like it will never happen.

I tried adding you and it said your tag wasn’t valid. You can try adding me at “phuabo” if you’d like. I play pretty often with a friend of mine and we’re both new. We’re also picking up SFxT on the 6th. I’m West Coast.