[ SSFIVAE ] - Highly offensive and mobile Rushdown characters?

I love being on the offensive in fighters and I love when I have speed to accompany that infatuation. I have so much fun when I’m playing with a fast/mobile character, putting the pressure on an opponent with fast attacks and mix-ups. All about dat speed and offense, put simply. I’m currently maining Guy, but I would like two more characters to add to my list. What characters best fit into this type of category? Thanks!

I would advise that you look into Dudley and Rufus, possibly Cammy. They have a certain speed behind them that can really make them scary. You always have a chance to make a comeback as well. I play Makoto myself but I wouldn’t think of her in that regard.

Something tells me, you should use Cammy, because she would fit into your search criteria.

I’m not so sure Dudley would fit, in my experience, he can put on a lot of pressure but he really needs patience and wait for the right moment to get in.

Cammy definetly,
Dive kick characters too…

Cammy. You can put down the controller and make some food whilst still maintaining a strong offense.

Just so the whole world isn’t playing Cammy I’d say -

Yun or Viper.

Offence is pretty much the only way they can play. Yun in particular has some incredible normals, a command grab and his dive kick is still good if you want an aggressive character that is still somewhat a Street Fighter character. He got dropped because of the usual Street Fighter mentality “must play the character with the highest BS” but he’s still a powerhouse and a better character than Guy.

Viper if you want mix ups where you wont even know yourself what side it’s gona hit it’s that BS. You can’t get much more mobile than burn kicks that can counter 3/4 screen fireballs.