SSFIVAE: Looking for a well-fitting character!



before you offend me: I was using the search bar for like 20 minutes now but I have not found anything yet.
(I was looking for a thread which sums up the different types of players and the fitting characters for them.)

In order to give you a little impression of mine I should give you some background knowledge.
I play Capcom fighting games since the release of SSFIV. Since then I play all major Capcom fighting games very casually (UMvC3, SFxT and of course SSFIVAE). I am having a great time whenever I play these games, but it feels like I am loosing all the time due to a “wrong” character pick.
Well, I also keep loosing because I do not practise that much, but I guess the “perfect” character for my style of playing should motivate me.
History of character selection with some serious practice:
**Akuma **(is very fun to me)
able to…
…make use of FADC
…pull out his BnBs, for instance, the Demonflip dash and following h.P>l.Tatsu>DP combo4
…build metre with, for instance, Tatsu right before I land
**Ibuki **(is very fun to me, too)

able to…
…Combo into Ultra 2
…combine target combos with (ex) special moves
…build metre with fast kunai throwing

Other more played characters
Ryu and Ken
able to…
…do nearly as much as I can do with Akuma

able to…
…execute easier BnBs and make use of combos into her Beyblade-Ultra(do not know the name at the moment)
In addition to that I almost played every character for at least 60 minutes. Not enough to get a full impression of them, though.

I am able to make use of plinking(plinking only against a dummy) and other things like that, for instance, option select and karathrows etc, too.
But my biggest problem is that I cannot execute such 1frame combos during an actual match against someone.

Well, I prefer character with a relatively fast-paced gameplay, but simultaneously a character who can be effective without spending months in practise mode.
Do you have any suggestions?

Note: I would spend tons of time into mastering a character, but I am not feeling it without a partner. None of my friends is playing any of Capcom´s fighting games. I would do this alone but this would take too much time(which I do not have atm because I have to work alot and study even more for the University)

Greetings from Germany…
…and NO, we are no Nazis and this very kind(hardly sarcastic) Fuehrer is not alive anymore, so do not pull out this not-funny-jokes please! : /


start with ryu until you develop solid fundamentals


I do not want to play him again. Everyone is using him:/ I am looking for a fitting character, not one for learning something:/


Any character requires months in training mode. You’ll need to accept that from the get go. You never, ever will be done with practice mode.

If you like playing Akuma and Ibuki, why not play them? Read their sub-forum stuff, practice and use them. Nobody can really tell you what character you’ll like to play.


if you aren’t interested in learning anything then good luck getting people to help you


with ibuki by combing into U2 do you mean by high jump cancel? holy sh#t I can never pull that off.

anyways, ryu is a good starting character (90% of the people in ranked use him) and also try out the other characters until something clicks to your playstyle, you can be quite surprised on what might be your main.


Pick Ryu.


Well, with saying that I do not want to learn anything I only meant those fundamental things(only because I know most of them so I can improve them passively during normal sessions). Of course I want to improve with any character and get better(that is why I bought an arcade stick from Madcatz). My question regards to a character who is fast-paced but does not need perfect execution. Better explaination now? So I am not asking for a character I would like - since you will not be able to answer that for me anyway.
And of course I can combi into Ultra 2. It is not that difficult at all.
I would play Akuma but his low Stamina is quite troubling for me. Ibuki is heavily based on execution and that is something I cannot pull off during a match.
In order to ask properly:
I tried every character but of course I do not play them in a way the should be played. So, which character is fast-paced and not that much dependend on perfect execution.


why not try out guile, adon, yun, and fei long
to tell you the truth the only character that I know the most is cody, his combos are low on the execution and are high damaging. but his pace is on the normal side.


Pick the character you like the best, and then just play enough until you’re comfortable with it. The game is the most fun when you move your character without too much conscious effort. Think about driving a car. When you’re learning, it’s awkward. When you’ve been driving a long time, it can be a lot of fun.


use a character that your comfortable with i see that your able to use akuma so i say stick with him…


Play Akuma. Yes he does have low stamina but that does not hold him back from being a dominating character (Evo 2012 is the most recent evidence of that). Besides having low stamina will teach you to make less mistakes and have a stronger defensive game. If you reaaaaaaally can’t get yourself to play the demon, try Cammy. Shes fast, simple, and effective especially in comparison to your other choice, Ibuki (I should know, I’m an Ibuki main and I still have a long road ahead of me). Best of luck.


Oh yeah, Evo was a milestone for me:D I did not sleep even while there was no streaming:D Akuma is fun to play, but I guess he is way too risky for me. I thought of Cammy, too. I like her style and I really think she is the one (get ready for a nerdy marriage!).
TRUEB7UE, do you play on PSN? Guess you are on XBL. I would love to see some replays of your Ibuki.
Thx for commenting so far:)