SSFIVAE M.Bison Replay Following on XBL&PSN

List the good Bison players that upload replays. Good online matches, good experience.

Xbox Live Dictators

  1. HiroEMP - JeRon from Empire Arcadia
  2. followupURSF - “Sheep” from Hong Kong
  3. aka jojo 360 - a.k.a. jo jo from Japan
  4. Isy9983 - Dictator from GamerBee’s Taiwan crew
  5. AOI MOMO - N.A.H. Bison from Japan
  6. Nakaruru - Jakob002
  7. RaGe Gagapa - European XBL Bipson
  8. FunkySinger - XBL Bipson
  9. Syun59Gundam - Shungoku Neurosis


Playstation Network Dictators

  1. General Luke
  2. Johnry Henson
  3. dynamic318 - Master Rank Bison from Japan


awesome idea…there’s another one I’ll have to add after my son finally stops playing Halo. :stuck_out_tongue: A player from Japan, name starts with an N…

Not to get too off topic, but why are we only allowed to follow 5?!?

I honestly don’t know. I really wish we could follow much much more as there are a lot of unknown players that are very good as well that aren’t recognized.

There’s a lot of other characters I would like to learn so following people who are maining those could give some ideas and inspiration to play differently or better. For now, I have mostly Oni and some Bison players followed.

Maybe Capcom will patch it, heh.

I have the name of a pretty awesome Bison I’ve been watching…Nakaruru…check him out and tell me what you think!

I wish there were some on psn… sigh i guess ima have to step up. haha

There should be some. Look around haha. I didn’t upgrade my PS3 SSF4 to AE yet so I don’t know if I can see the new leaderboards.

Nakaruru on XBL is pretty good.

Any word from the PSN side of things, ladies and gentlemens?

i dont really think he belongs…


A FIERCE overhead!!!


For XBL FunkySinger is actually pretty good.

In Europe RaGe Gagapa is really good also.

lololololol thanks. i was totally lost. haha

PSN is stale? This is madness.

Madness? This is Sony!

He’s pretty good. Or atleast to me it seems he’s a fuken monster with Dictator.

sakurazukamori4 seems like a good Canadian bison!

edt;lol scratch that I thought this was a gammer tag thread.

Does Neurosis play AE on consoles? I’d like to see more of his matches.