SSFIVAE Mentorship Program


So… has anyone ever thought of mentoring a fellow player? I’m a beginner-intermediate (I’ve been playing on-and-off since 2009 and only been playing this game hardcore since a year ago) and sometimes I feel like I’m lacking in certain areas, notably in footsies against certain characters. I really need to learn more footsies to be better.

I think that “mentoring” a fellow player new or old would help the community as a whole.

Can we a get a mentorship program in place then? Obviously we would need to specify which console we play on (360/PS3/PC).

To start off, I really suffer against Dhalsim and Cody even though Abel should do fine against them. Any players wanna play against me consistently and help me improve my game?

Share your thoughts, pls.


im a really new player, and im trying to learn the very basics, since i cant complete a full trial challenge of a single char or even win a single online game (lost already over 20)… if someone wants to help me out i play on the PS3 and my PSN-ID is OwwPhug

as a new player ist kinda hard lerning everything and getting the right timing when trying to make some combos. There is a lot of stuff on youtube and arround the internet, but nothing really for beginners (at least i couldnt find it yet).


i will play you , i also neeed some abel practice

gamertag : LittleScumbag on GFWL at the moment this is my main platform… i aam no daigo but i know the stuff and could help you with a few things

Region east europe (should have a good conection with all europe )


I’m down for this.
Steam: WongDynasty
GFWL: MingoDynasty
Region: USEast


Ill help, always like to talk about SF.
GFWL: Projectjustice
XBL: Projectjustice
Region: US East


Guys, guys, guys. If it’s matchmaking you want, there are a TON of other threads in every other section to cater to you. Please utilize those in order to find practice partners. Thanks!