SSFIVAE player with house looking for roomate

Thought I’d post here too. Looking for one roomate starting September 1 in (Logan Square) Chicago. Ive had more than one before and it was just too much to deal with so one is cool. The place is a 3br 1bath house with deck/attic/basement/laundry. Total is $1100 for the place ($550 split). Cable/Internet/Gas/Electric are not included in rent. I have been living here for 6 years (on my own for 1). But I would like to save some cash to buy a house someday so I need a roomate to help me out with that. I posted here cause I’d like to have someone who is serious about fighting games and understands if I have people over to practice and isn’t annoyed by the sound of buttons clicking. I work a regular 9-5 so I don’t stay up too late usually but yeah my weekends I like to have some people from the Chicago community over and practice and sometimes I do that on Thursdays as well. I main SSFIVAE and play Dan (main)/E.Ryu I also play Marvel (Zero/Vergil/Doom) and Third Strike (Akuma). I would love to level up my game so having a roomate to practice with is awesome as well. I also have a mame cabinet with all the fighting game classics, it’s pretty fun when I have people over. Other than all that I’m pretty nerdy and have a lot of video game memorabilia and action figures plastered around my house and work on my own video game stuff. So if you’re down with all of this and are looking to move to the city (or live here already) to level up your game either P.M. me here or send me an email I can provide pics and everything you’ll need to know through there. Thanks dudes.

  • Dave