SSFIVAE: Rushdown Tactics and Tips


HI, I’m new here and been playing fighting games since I was born really. Though I recently gotten into competitive gaming about roughly three months ago, trying to pick up new characters and become a better player overall. I played mostly capcom games such as Arcade edition and Third strike but also took time playing Tekken. My gameplay really revolves around rushdown and Super street fighter four Arcade edition. In Super, I usually main Ryu, Akuma and Sakura. I did take time learning Ken, Dudley, makoto, Cody, Guy, Fei long, C viper, Yun and Yang and learned to place some pressure. Evem get some reckless attacks in. My main question is if there’s more that I can place on my gaming and become a better overall player and maybe see if I can change my style and improve. I use Xbox Live and I’m planning on receiving my first arcade stick, an eightarc fusion ebony in a couple of days.



Check out this post. Someone asked basically the same question about a week ago.

Some general advice: you’re playing waaaaaaaay too many characters. Focus on one or two.


Read Trouble Brewing’s listed post, as it’s almost exactly what you’re asking about.

I would also recommend focusing on a few characters. There’s no point learning to play so many characters if your goal is to become a proficient and highly-skilled player. Do you want to play one or two characters at a high level? Or do you want to be the jack of all trades, but master of none?

Learning a proper rushdown game takes a lot of character control, experience, matchup knowledge, and a strong sense of game momentum in order to utilize properly. Most newbies don’t have any of these things nailed down. Start with the basic, fundamental skills that apply in all fighting games, and work your way on up from there.


I have a weird playstyle, being summed up as rushdown but my gameplan is roughly spontaneous and varies from match to match. I want to be a jack of all trades and not a master of none but also goes against me wanting to have a strong, main to use and a backup. I have only one B Rank, the rest are C plus and such. I have no problem taking on all these characters but in the long run, have two at a high level seems like the best choice.

It’s personally hard for me to grasp at knowledge like footsies or the benefits, until reading that article. I know combos, fadc, what to do and what not to do at times. I only react to things and not try to force or have something in mind. It’s just go with the flow. But that too can lead to failure. So I’d like to focus more on what I should notice in practice mode.


Throw people until they tech throws or mash DP. If they tech throws, frame trap them into combos. If they mash DP, block -> punish.

Learn how to meaty people on wakeup with a low so that the only things they can do on wakeup are reversal, backdash, or block. Once you get good at this, you can start OS’ing backdashes to take that away to.


I know what option selects or have the idea of what it is, the meaty is something I’ve been having trouble with in terms of cross ups, punching, faking a overhead into a light punch. I tech throw out of habit however.


Nope. If you have only been playing competitive for 3 months you don’t have a play style yet. Not attacking you, many of us have been there. I played just for fun for many many years not getting into the competitive till the end of 2011, went to my first casuals and tournaments in the detroit area, and after having my ass handed to me over and over I found my “play style” was nothing more than me knowing how to play cheap against the computer and very bad online players. Once you get experience playing vs real players who are much better than you, will you develop a play style. This is because you play style will depend on how you react to what your opponents do(or dont do)


In matches, I go for offense and nothing but offense, even coming off reckless but even then I’ll take a step back. If I’m Ryu, I generally play more zoning but prefer to rush in. Play as ken and link all these combos to ultras and specifically standing far light punch to second ultra was fun but still found limitations with ken. Anyway, I’ve been to a tournament around my area and I didn’t own the game at the time but really had a solid understanding of ryu. I got wrecked and instead of playing back up Cody, picked Ken and won until he switched to adon and the rest was history. Maybe I’ll find a playstyle that works as I move on, till then, going to have to play online with scrubs and once in a while great players before I learn. Wish I was in Japan to play in the arcades every day.


Go to the Regional Matchmaking section or keep on turning up to your local tournaments, and you won’t need an arcade to play in. You can play against local competition all the time if you want, but you have to make an effort and get to know them.

Offense is fun and flashy and makes stream monsters happy, but it’s ultimately defense that will help you net consistent wins. Don’t focus on what playstyle you want. Focus on building up your fundamental skills in spacing, defense, matchup knowledge, character control, etc etc…


Okay, I just learned C Viper, having practice on Monday this week after I received my Arcade Stick. I focused on learning the Fierce feint Fierce, the thunder and Siesmo feints, instant burn kicks and meter-less FADC and I believe I mastered getting them out more frequently. I still got a long way but I’m just wondering though, I’ve played roughly fifteen matches with her online and I won only one of them. I am just wondering if there is something I am missing or need to succeed? I’m a preferably a high risk high reward player that likes Rushdown but it just doesn’t work out. I know how to block but my problem is not capitalizing on opportunities and my defense is great until grapples and overheads are thrown my way. Any hopes on increasing defense?