SSFTHDR Tournament

Tell me if this sounds stupid:

What if we have a tourney where your opponent picks YOUR character and you do the same for him?

It would kind of keep everyone on their toes and hopefully nobody will be using their main. I played a couple of friendly rooms and it kept it fun.

Would anyone be down for something like this?

Personally, I don’t think that would work out.

For example, lets say player A gets to pick player B’s character first. Let’s say they pick Dhalsim. That leaves Player B a crap load of people to pick that have horrible matchups against Sim (namely Rog, and Honda).

After my pool play experiment, I’d probably only stick to EVO style brackets and rules. It’s what everyone knows. There are some team formats that are common so those would be OK, too. I know that the other variants sound fun, but I think people expect a tournament to be serious and they want to be able to play well, not fumble around.

For this opponent character picking to be reasonably fair, you’d want to do double blind so that no one could intentionally create a really bad matchup. Each player would message a third player with their choice, who would then announce by voice the matchup. Great fun with voice chat in normal lobbies. Seems good on paper, but probably hard to execute in practice…

In a three or four player room, a fun variant would be to pick any character, but if you win you can’t pick that character again. Maybe allow each player to eliminate one character for each opponent before play begins to get rid of the mains. Winner always picks first, so counter picking the matchups could be important. Play to a certain number of wins or just for fun. Might be a good way to introduce players to new characters or matchups.

I think a random select tournament would be more fun.

That might be alright as long as you couldn’t get your main. It wouldn’t be too fair if dbostick got in there and rando-selected Honda. We’d all be flattened, literally. Nothing worse than getting run out in four straight rounds with 70+ seconds on the timer.

How about a total mirror match tournament or all Akuma (cuz he’s banned)? From recent experience, some of the hardest matches are mirrors among the non-shotos.

Played some Boxer mirrors w/ T3R and we both found that mentally taxing. I find I’m not so hot at Ken mirrors. Ryu is a classic, but oh so standard. Zangief is pretty fun, though.

The RenoMD vs. dbostick final was Honda mirror for 2 matches - painful to watch because of so much squatting, butt slamming and head knocking… I though they might go Double KO in one round by trading head butts everytime!

Umm, actually Honda is a really good matchup for Sim. And really good Rog players beast my Sim (not that I’m that good).

Well that’s what I mean. Sim has an advantage over Honda. Pretty much anyone with a fireball can destroy Honda. I like to consider my Balrog to be pretty good, but I still have trouble against a good Sim. His zoning is 2nd to none.

I take tourney’s serious but like to have fun too.

Double blind picks I think would work
I also like Random select too.
Mirrors could be fun

I played a couple of friendly rooms like the above and I thought it was pretty fun.

I think we all have played pretty much all the regular people that join these tourney’s and know what we all can do with our main’s but how well would we do playing with someone we are not familiar with?

Like Titan said, it would be a way to introduce people to different characters.

I guess this might be something to leave for friendly rooms

No, that’s not what I meant. Honda is actually very difficult for Sim now. Actually, my only losses in the tourny last night were to RenoMD (Honda), dbostick (Honda), and Sait (Rog).

We could do a tourney where everyone picks the character that is the worst matchup for their main character.

IE. Im a ken main, so I would have to play as honda

Fei mains would play as gief?

honda mains would play as fei/cammy

If we aren’t going to win fight money! we could be open to different not so serious tourneys.

titan’s all akuma tourney idea does sound like it could be fun :tup:

lol ^^

You’re probably right about the core group who’d play anyway. I’m an HDR whore and I’d play no matter what. :rock:

All Akuma tourney sounds fun lol