SSGSS(Blue) Goku Thread - Hope You Pre-Ordered

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Desk combo video

I find this Goku to be very hard to use properly. His normals and specials aren’t that good, but his supers are awesome IMO.

Surprised more people aren’t using this character.

I get he’s not as versatile to a team as SSJ Goku, but his moveset is like twice as dynamic. And his 5M has mad range lol.

I’m yet to see cheap stuff with him. His normals don’t have the longest range and I don’t see crazy knockdowns setups like Cell, 16, 18, etc. Even his teleport is worse than Goku’s black.

So right now I’m not sure where he stands…he has 3 lows so that’s good for punishing deflect mash and his assist garantees a hard knockdown and that can be useful for some characters.

what the hell did my video disappear in this thread as well? wtf

Considering he doesn’t have a slide I’d say his normals are fine. 5M is deceptively far, 2M is just SSJ Goku’s 2M which is also good. Going just by toolset/neutral options only thing missing for me is a Beam (I guess a DP as well but those are quite rare). Regarding setups, it’s only been 2 weeks, but he has EX shoulder crossup, a command grab, his teleport isn’t really comparable to Goku Black I see it more as a meterless Vanish, in which case can use assists to turn that move into a mixup/frame trap.

SSB Goku is a combo machine. His normals aren’t up to pars with his golden self, but his specials can always lead up to something else.

I really like his QCF special. Especially his Ex version, I like finishing opponents with this. His command grab is slow, but it teleports forward just before activation depending on what you press.

These are my solo combos so far with Super Saiyan Blue Goku. Notations are included as always, no assists to leave room for experiments with your own personal teams and the Super Meter is at 1 to show meter gain/usage. Hope this helps anyone who’s been looking for more combos with notations, etc or maybe helps spark an idea for something new. Super Saiyan Blue Goku in my opinion is definitely a more solid character than regular SSJ. Have fun!

Thanks for this video! Helped me out alot.