SSGSS(Blue) Vegeta Thread - The Power of a God

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Desk combo video

You guys come across any interesting tutorials for the character?

I’m assuming since his assist is considered ass that he should be used on point.

Yeah the blue characters both are better used on point because their assist are not that good.

I kind also want to do a second team of SSB Vegeta on point.

Where does Bluegeta best work on a team

Definitely point, I’d say one of his defining traits is his immense corner carry from any hit. All of his combo enders carry about halfscreen, and in the corner he gets some good damage output meterless.

His assist is trash for combo extension/block extension but the initial hitbox of big bang eats projectiles as he’s preparing it, so it has a decent amount of priority in beam wars.

He also ends in an airborne state after his grounded kick special, with his air actions intact. This means if you cover this with an assist, you can get a high-low mixup even midscreen. So he benefits massively from having an assist behind him.

Example: 1:31and 1:50 in this video

I like better Blue Vegeta. He’s less a ranged fighter and more of a close ranged IMO. Blasing opponents from a distance was never my style.

How do you land his qcb move without them teching out of the combo?

Edit: nvm its the version that uses a meter.

There are ways to land it meterless, doing 2M > 2S > 214M will make it connect and is a good way to start combos with Vegeta w/assist follow-up from the dunk

In the air however I do believe you’re forced to use meter.

Air Vanish + 214M works well.

FYI his command grabs go through ki blasts, since he does a little super dash.

i found that you can land blugeta’s 234M (dunk) mid combo without having to vanish but you need gotenks assist. blugeta’s 236M M followup holds the opponent still midair long enough for gotenks donut assist to land. you can go for the dunk when they’e in hitstun from the donut. its timing gets noticably tighter the longer the combo is

sample combo
2M, 5M, j.MLL2H, super dash, j.MLL2H, j.c, j.LLS xx 236MM(+Gotenks Assist), 234M xx super

Could’ve sworn I’ve seen Chris G pull off a midscreen combo where he landed the 236M dunk without using meter or an assist. Or perhaps I’m remembering that wrong.

Simple Happy Birthday Combo

I want to play with ultra instinct mode of gogeto against Hearts.