SSJ Goku Thread - Now He's Mad!



the 2:44 combo is universal or works just on big chars?


The iad part of that after the sweep midscreen will not work vs small characters I dont think. The medium will miss after the fireball from that specific distance.


when you do your super and someone teleports behind you, you can press up and goku will turn around and shoot up in his face.
might be usefull to bait your opponent to waste meter and still getting hit or when you fucked up a combo…which is how i found it out :smiley:


Interesting bit of tech with Goku, the way his j.s maintains momentum when you jump allows you to airdash crossup with j.m after making an opponent block it at about 1 character length away without being in sparking.


6.7k corner combo solo 2 bars from nakkiel


Ummm… you do realize thats just from combos I already did in my video right? Its like above you from almost 2 weeks ago now


You do realize that I’m not gonna memorize every combo you put on your videos?


Well considering you found a single combo worth posting when theres a video of it right above you realize im gonna post whatever the fuck I want because I dont care?


You have 5 videos here. Do your really believe I’m gonna watch the whole 5 videos just to know if you already did one combo I just randomly find while I was lurking on twitch?


If you wanna find the best combos in the game that everyone else is doing because of my videos with basically every character there is right now… Ya you probably should. Or are you seriously gonna try to argue thats not a complete fact right now?


That’s a nice corner combo from Nakkiel. Looks like you really get mileage of that IAD into jS.


lol I don’t care if all your combos are the best bollocks out there. Congrats on that, but I’m not gonna go trough 15 minutes of videos for a character I’m not even playing just to post a random combo I found out there.

You can pat yourself on your back for doing those amazing combos and them wankcry yourself to sleep.


Dont worry I know im a god compared to you thank you


Ppl not realizing sucky found tech weeks ago that ppl r just finding now SMFH



tag stuff


heres another


I havent seen this anywhere and I feel like it should be common knowledge but Im throwing it up here anyways
Solo Meterless Snap

and because Im a scrublord who doesnt know how to edit videos together