SSJ Vegeta Thread - Do You Experience Fear?


Compiling character subthreads, post your tech/discussion here!

Please @ me if any tech you’d like adding to the OP comes up!


Thanks for this. I will be coming to this thread as I’m going to be playing SSJ Vegeta as my anchor. We need the Adult Gohan thread.


Combo videos

I wish they had annotation though. Gonna try to do them on practice and write down some annotations and share it here, but will do them tomorrow.


Probably already know here but I discover today that after his air 2L on the corner you can combo into j.LML2H

Feels good discovering this by myself no matter how dumb it is :coffee:


You can even get a 5M before doing that.
Also divekick always combos into 236L and viceversa you can do a divekick off a 236L, even on block.


Nice test it with the 5m and you can get a J.LM2H after it. Couldnt get a J.LML2H

Full combo I’m doing Divekick(J.2L) 5M J.LM2H SD LML J.LLL and a super after it.

I know I could do J.LL214M instead of J.LLL at the end, but I need to practice that.


If you cannot do j.LML after 5M then use Super Jump Cancel instead. Also, it is a good habit to replace j.LML by j.MLL for the extra damage and bigger range.

After j.2H you can do better as well. Don’t know all the options but after the SD j.ML2H j.LLL should work and in the corner j.ML2H j.LLSSSSS214M as well (stylish !).


Yeah I did try J.MLL but couldn’t connect the M after trying several times, so decide to go with J.LM instead. I need to practice this more to see what really I can get out of it. I haven’t try doing the super jump cancel. Tbh I’m not sure how to do it.


After connecting with 5M you have to do 2 9 instead of simply 9 and you will super jump. You can also do 3 9 or 1 9. Avoid doing 2369 or you will do an instant air 236M. Happens to me sometimes. I should clean my input one day…


Thanks I will give it a try later to see what I can do with it.


This one should (almost) be optimum

Notation : j.2L 236M 2M 5M j.LL2H j.LLSSSSS214M




vegeta staircase loop combo and more


How come you never include assists?


There is no point in doing assists right now when I can already blow up the game with a single character stand alone and reach the point of no return. In that I mean I already can very easily get to combos that the dude will tech automatically etc. So why do I need assists at this point? Also assists are generally uncreative because you are SUPPOSED to be able to do combo after them. So from my perspective they are obvious and not needed when the game first comes out to show true creativity.

Assist and tag combos will come but for the time being I like to push the character stand alone to show what they can do raw


What’s up folks. These are my BnB’s with the Super Saiyan Prince. Notations are included as always, Super meter is at 1 to show meter gain and I use no assists to leave room for experiments with your own personal teams. Hope this helps anyone who’s been looking for more combos with notations, etc or maybe helps spark an idea for something new. Have fun!