SSTenka coming to PS2!

FUCK YEAH! I beat Time_stop to it!!!

Play-Asia is taking preorders for SSTenka on PS2!


Man that is great news I will without a doubt be importing

Wooooooooo, that shit is so mine. :smiley:

Looks like they’re trying to get these out before the next-gen totally takes over. My guess is we’ll also see ports of NGBC and KOF XI either late this or early next year.

wish i had a jap ps2 :frowning:

ooooooooooooooooooo shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

Fucking awesome. SO, all we need now are ports of the following and I’ll be satisfied:

Rumble Fish 2
Chaos Breaker
Spectral vs. Generation
Guilty Gear XX Slash

you forget how bad snk are with release dates, im sure this will get put back.
Their standard is about a year, then port they would want to milk the arcade first, ah well here’s hoping.
Too bad thats not NGBC.

Yeah, I’m sure that November release date is a pile of shit, but the port is confirmed, and that’s good news all around. Now if they’d only confirm a North Amercian port…


wish you had a 110$ modified ps2 install with bit torrent and a dvd burner

i piad like $30 for my ps2 swap disks. this is excitng. $40!? you cant beat that!

Supporting the very few 2d fighters left on the market? No sir!

Waiting for the moment when SCEA rejects SSVI for PS2 and SNKP decides to port it to XBox for the American continent

Good news :slight_smile: As long as it’s released on XBox too, I don’t care if they don’t add more stuff (… except Fatalities :P).

We need to get an actual gamer in charge of the american branch…


It’s sort of funny that japanese PS2 players get everything they want, and SCEA simply practically says “our customers don’t want old 2D games in their PS2s”.

Anyway, I’d really love to see this game on XBox, too (LIVE Support and all that stuff, you know).

Hell yeah. I would love a chance to practice, play, and study this game. Gorgeous, original play style (Twinkle Star Sprites is the only ‘versus shmup’ I know of before this, and the play style of senko rhonde in very different.), damn i want to play this game, but 100Y a pop for a game I get creamed instantly isnt worth it.

Uh. . I was making a general statement. Didnt say it applied to me. :confused:


Not much else to discuss here. 24 hour warning.

Well we know we are going to get the Final true version of SST on PS2, because the home versions always get extras…Neowave did…so we know SST will as well