SSX 2012


Is anybody going to pick this up for PS3?

I’m definitely getting it on Feb 28th, and was hoping to add some friends to compete with online.

My PSN tag is DahcDerron.

Hit me up!


I’ll get it eventually lol

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i want it


Here’s one of the latest trailers for the game-

The game was going to be released by Valentine’s Day but was delayed, so much for ‘This Valentine, will be it be SEX or SSX?’


Hmm…I was debating making this thread myself the other day. Oh well.

Yea I’m gettin this. I tore up SSX1-3 and even played a lot of On Tour despite is not being as good as 3. It’m really excited for this is’t looks like it will be as good if not better then 3. Very hype for new mountain courses to run and they look HUGE, and so many mountains. I hope they keep making tracks on currently used, as well as new mountains. I’d buy that DLC. It sounds like making a track on a mountain isn’t even half as hard as it used to be either. Just Google Map the shit then start carving burns and kickers into the mountain.


Oh shit, SSX? Tricky and 3 were among my favorite games I had for the Gamecube. I’m definitely going to be getting this; unless it doesn’t allow custom soundtrack like most PS3 games, then I’m just ‘most likely’ going to be getting it lol

edit: looking up some gameplay on Youtube, why are the characters wearing so much clothing? Elise actually looks like somebody who would go snowboarding wtf


It’s most definitely allows custom sound tracks on PS3 sir. You are good to go.

I’ll post up more trailers cuz a topic about a game should have info in it. Come on OP, put in the work next time.

Dev Diary: Online Features Part 1

Dev Diary: Only Features Part 2

The Real Giant Bomb spent about 49 minutes with one of the devs for the game who showed off a bunch of tracks an shit and a lot about the game explained a bunch of stuff about gear, drops, Geo Drops, online an shit. Good stuff.


Yeah my bad, I’m at work right now and can’t spend too much time on it, but this link:

was where I first heard about it/ saw videos for it. It’s an IGN preview with three short (Gamespot?) videos with game play.

And this is a really in-depth interview with one of the developers that shows what the online experience is like:

I can’t seem to embed it, but that link will get you there. It’s an hour long, but well worth the watch if you’re on the fence about picking this up.

I’ve also heard mixed feelings about the multiplayer aspect- no real time races with friends online, just ghost data (no local split screen either). There are real-time events and tournaments, but you never race or can interact with anyone else. I hope they add this option later as DLC, it seems like quite an oversite with all the other online content.

Either way, I’m super hyped about this game!


They said you can organize events with your friends in real time.


Yeah, but can you actually race against them, and not their ghost data, in real time? My understanding is that you can create fully customizable events in real time (which is awesome), but you won’t be racing against your friends on the same screen, whereas if you try to cut them off it would have no bearing on the outcome because you can’t interact with other characters.

I remember in Tricky and SSX 3 you could take other people down in races and trick events, but in 2012 it’s all about posting better times for races and higher scores for trick events/deadly descents. It’s still looks amazing, and I’m getting it, but I wish they included an option for a lobby- again, maybe they will as DLC in the future.


I’ll be picking it up for sure, even though I wish it was a new 1080 game instead, how I loved 1080 Avalanche…


OG 1080 on N64 was boss. By the time Avalanche dropped, SSX series had strong-armed the snowboarding genre. And SSX 3 > Avalanche no question. So having to compete with a game that godlike kinda sucked for 1080 series.


I spent over 40 hours playing ssx3 and getting 100% before achievements were invented. I don’t think I’ve ever put that much time into a sports game, maybe an old gran turismo. SSX 3 was like an adventure game.


SSX3 is one of the few great sports games that people who usually don’t like sports game can enjoy. This looks really fun going to get it after it’s $30 cuz I’m cheap.


The thread title…

How can anyone get the thread title wrong? WTF?


SEX 2012

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This hasn’t been posted yet?


Still love this song.


I like SSX but not a fan of doing 1440s while doing windmills effortlessly. Cool boarders 2 had the best control scheme of all time IMO


Picking it up for 360 tomorrow. I’ve been playing the demo like mad… Best time is around 1:59.


My fastest is 2:02. I just found a new route that can probably cut off a good 2 seconds from the run.


I’ll have it through gamefly for a while, sadly can’t afford to pick up many games right now. Definitely lookin forward to it though.